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Welcome to Sacred Pleasures, the place where everything meets.

We create spaces for personal transformation, self expression, deep connection and sex-positive community.

We advocate the ‘no stone unturned’ approach when looking at ourselves, and encourage you to explore and accept all aspects of yourself, helping you to feel more alive and more whole. We also want everyone to have as much pleasure as they can, whatever form that takes, and explore different ways to make this happen.

As well as finding all kinds of new ways to love and enjoy our selves, we want to find ways to share this with others, so create group spaces for more growing, more connecting, more playing and more reflecting.

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To make this happen we offer workshops, events and social events in London.

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As well as events and workshops we offer individual and couples sessions to help you expand your bliss and experience more of life.

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Our website includes reflections by our core team and other practitioners about conscious sexuality and personal growth.

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Sacred Pleasures has been running since August 2010 and during that time we have received lots of lovely feedback from our participants and community members.

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