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I come seeking up the mountain
in my best silk robe,
hair gay with ribbons,
sing lupine, echo poppy;
I will offer Her my brightest,
In the meadown brave with paintbrush,
starred with larkspur, blue-eyed grasses,
chanting paeans, trumpets calling
to invoke the mountain’s queen:
Will She love me? Will She take me?

From Her lair, from Her den,
golden tawny She comes padding,
sleek among the pink maids prowling
burnished in the sunlight bristling
hot fur and claws.

Stalking in a circle round me,
hips switching, whiskers twitching, She
stretches Her head down to me,
sniffs and purrs. She nestles warmly by my side,
wraps Her tail a snake around me
sheathes Her claws to hold me, hold me.

Her breath scorching on my face.
Eyes the smell of burning amber,
tongue more scarlet than the larkspur
teeth that shine like sharpened blades,
How will I be born?

She rubs Herself against me
like a kitten on an ankle:
I am petted, I am soothed,
I am arching from the ground.
She pulls my torso to Her
pulls my back into Her belly
soft and warm Her silken belly
lifts me weightless in Her forelegs
kneads my torso like She’s suckling, then She
sinks in her claws.

And is this sex
or is this death?
Is this love
or is She hungry?

Like a mother with a kitten
licks me up, licks me down,
licks the redness every drop,
scrapes my skin to bleeding with
Her huge tongue.

O the pumping of my heart
O the flowing of the redness
O the smell of lurid carmine
roses burning in a censor

She drags fire through my body,
from my cunt the redness blazing
through my heart Her flames are racing,
sweet up my throat.

O Her claws in my body
senses firing, shrieking, raving,
I am captive, I am willing,
I cannot fly away

All the weight of the planet
She drops down on my body,
my face crushed in the flowers,
in the incense of the lupine,
in the crimson of the poppy
shining claws between my ribs.

Gaping jaw above my face
teeth flashing in the sunlight,
She breathes hot into my mouth,
Her tongue rasping in my mouth,
She sucks a deep breath in.
She takes my breath,
She empties me.

Ah the heat of Her eyes
sets a fire in my skull.
Scales fall from my forehead,
forked tongue, heat-seeking
in the dream of the redness:

Will she bite at the throat?

Cunt throbs at the thought,
chest opens, clit rises
scarlet in the sunlight
sweet and thick and vital;
all I have to give Her,
I will pour out in libation

O the blood runs red
the blood screams fire
the blood pumps hot
like honey in my lungs

I drown in a surge like a
splinter on a tide,
on a scarlet tide swelling,
in the surf’s sudden silence,
surface settles, slowly silent,

Her sun burning in my belly
till the Moon, finally,
holds still

Dossie Easton, 17.04.04

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