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Welcome home!

At Sacred Pleasures we’re all about authenticity. Our mantra is “be as you are”. Our work is an invitation to show up, to bring more of yourself into the room than you thought possible.

For us there’s a difference between ‘doing spiritual’ and ‘being spiritual’. For us it’s all about the mystical experience, the transcendent, the magic of the moment. Our spaces are not about rigid doctrines or fixed teachings, but rather an invitation to experience the thing people call ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ directly. We do not preach, we just ask you to keep an open mind and a soft heart and see what happens.

The body is important to us. We love the body. We are sex maniacs, but we’re not ‘just’ sex maniacs. Sex for us is sacred. It doesn’t mean we always burn joss sticks and candles and ‘make love’: we are great advocates of hot filthy fucks too. But that’s the thing: to us the hot filthy fucks are just as sacred as the tender moments.

We are queer-friendly but we’re also straight-friendly. We model a sex-positive environment that accepts and embraces everything. We do this by encouraging people to bring more of themselves into the room: their fears, their vulnerability, their feeling-sense. We think it’s hard to be bigoted and ignorant when you’re wide open, so we encourage you to let your armour down and meet others human-to-human.

It’s hard for us to talk about what we do because what we do is beyond words. And yet you know what we’re talking about: that’s why you’re on this page. So welcome to Sacred Pleasures, the place where everything meets.

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