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After 20 months on the road, we’re excited to have our own home again. With all the experience we gained during our nomadic period, we’ve put together a vibrant programme of workshops and social events to cater to a wider range of people: from absolute newbies stepping into this world for the first time, to veteran Sacred Pleasurers who love to hang out and be part of the community.

In this post we’ll introduce some of the key features of the programme and tell you a bit about the exciting new partnerships we’re embarking on.

Monthly socials
We missed having a place for the community to gather! With our gorgeous new venue conveniently located in Camden, north London, we’re hosting monthly socials from March onwards. The socials are an opportunity to spend time with others in a relaxed setting, to meet new people and to become part of our whole-hearted, sex-positive community.

SP partner Claire Black is taking the lead on social events, and we’re delighted to welcome long-standing SP member Rebecca Darby to the team as Social Secretary. Find out more about the socials here >>

Workshop programme
Towards the end of last year we received feedback from a couple of people about our flagship event Smörgåsbord. They said it was a great event but they weren’t sure about the name. We had a good think about it and decided to rename it. So from the start of this year our flagship event is called Together. It’ll still be the same delicious mix of workshop, social time and playtime, and we look forward to running our first Together at The White House around summer solstice (20-22 June).

We also decided to rename our introductory weekend, which was called Pleasure Portals. It’s about much more than pleasure, so from now on it’s called Through The Portals. Claire and Faerie will continue teaching it with the wonderful Dakini Kimaya, and the first one of 2014 is happening on Sat 5th & Sun 6th April.

We’ve also laid out our programme in four levels, to help you choose the workshops that are right for you. Read more about this here >>

Partnership with Oh Wow Cacao
In case you missed it, cacao is everywhere right now. This is no ordinary chocolate: what we’re talking about is ceremonial-grade pure untreated cacao, chosen by Keith the Chocolate Shaman. It’s a heart-opening shamanic substance that helps you expand into a space of love, as well as being a powerful aphrodisiac and sensory enhancer.

In 2014 SP founder London Faerie is partnering with Oh Wow Cacao to explore what happens when we combine cacao, touch and kink. We’ll be doing a day of exploration and experimentation with an experienced group in April, and then a public event on Saturday 31st May. Faerie is really excited about this new collaboration and the sensual possibilities it might bring – full details will be on the website nearer to the time.

Partnership with Ruby May
Faerie is also partnering with the lovely Ruby May for a series of events in 2014. Ruby is a Berlin-based sexpansionist who’s been working with Sacred Pleasures since the very start: she offered sessions and short evening seminars at The Pot (our venue 2010-12). 

In 2014 Faerie joins Ruby for her brand-new event Elsewhere, in London and Berlin. She describes it as an evolving experiment in permission, creative participation and conscious connection, a temporary portal of possibility where magic can unfold.

Although Elsewhere is not an SP event, it’s very much in line with our ethos and we highly recommend it. Find out more here >>

Faerie & Ruby will also teach their workshop Revolutionary Obedience in either London or Prague later in the year.

We’re very excited about our programme for 2014, and look forward to welcoming you to The White House soon.

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