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We are delighted to share this beautiful poem from a participant at Lady Cacao Berlin.

When Faerie asked me to write this article about Lady Cacao in Berlin I thought: Yeah, I can do that.

Turns out I was wrong. Turns out I don’t know where to start and what to say and how to explain how three days of Cacao, love and harmony influenced all my senses. It seems impossible to capture with my words the emotions I had, the atmospheres that were created and the beautiful things that sometimes happen between people.

For you, if you are thinking about joining a Lady Cacao workshop and the only thing you want is some impressions, some preview of what might await you there, alright I try…

Day 1
Today I meet some strangers,
All of a different kind,
Before I even get their names,
With their souls I come to bind

Have you ever in your life
Gotten lost in foreign eyes?
And welcomed people to come close
When energy between you flows
Intimacy arise

New families we here create,
For guidance and advice,
But also touch and sympathy,
To share your lows and highs

Oh with her bitter sweetest taste
A Lady’s guiding us,
Cacao her name
And lust her game
And in her love we trust

Day 2
Playful and curious like kids
We then start to discover
pleasure and pain in maid and man
Are you a nasty torture fan
Or more the dulcet lover?

Child, always find to yourself before
You take a mother’s task,
Of nurturing another one
Uncovering his mask

And can you take over control?
Or turn around let power go?
Fall deeper deep into your mind,
Where you surprisingly might find,
Release and gratitude and flow

Oh with her bitter sweetest taste
A Lady’s guiding us,
Cacao her name
And lust her game
And in her love we trust

Day 3
A feel of melancholia
Is lying in the air
We’ve grown so much we’ve felt so deep,
Who’ll be the Lady’s heir?

Come lets be someone else today,
Dress up you lovely folks,
A suit, a skirt, some bonny gown,
See what the changes hold

How do you feel, what do you want
The choice is yours for real,
be cuddly, sexy, playful, none,
But before we’ll all be gone
You have the chance to heal

Oh with her bitter sweetest taste
A Lady guided us,
Cacao her name
And lust her game
In her we’ll always trust.

I can not make you understand what Lady Cacao did to me and now I think I know why: some feelings don’t want to be captured, some impressions can’t be pinned down and sometimes things are not explainable because they don’t want to be explained but experienced.

In Service To Lady Cacao continues its tour in London (4-6 April) and Vienna (22-24 May).