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In preparation for her London premiere, the powerful Maggie Tapert shares a deliciously juicy extract from her book Pleasure. Warning: this piece of writing is very definitely NSFW!

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. — R. Buckminster Fuller

Maggie TapertThere is something wonderful about sex with a younger man. Those beautifully rippling muscles, that firm belly, that healthy skin and silky hair, that constantly hungry cock! Who wouldn’t be swept away by the beauty of that youthful masculinity? And since I am a single girl again, I really appreciate what younger men have to offer. And as far as I can tell, the feeling is mutual. Men can feel my profound juiciness. They can sense: here is a hot one, here is a live wire, here’s a woman who loves to fuck. I think that most men aren’t concerned about age or beauty. They just want to make love and be appreciated for it. They know that I will embrace them, open deeply to them, perhaps even love them but I will always let them go.

I am turned on by whatever that is radiating off the male body. Not just the most beautiful or the most successful men, no, all men have this certain something. I don’t know—is it the testosterone? I can feel this otherness, this energy, this power, this mannishness and it turns me on. Always has. But younger men, ahhhh, now that is were I really go weak in the knees. Guys my own age, with their loud, obnoxious, over-bearing opinions on every subject under the sun while their cock fades irretrievably into a soft wrinkled shaft of disappointment— no thanks—been there done that. Give me a man in his thirties or forties any day. Still hungry, professionally, socially and sexually, but bored with the tidy little life that he has made for himself. He has the pretty wife, the two sweet kids, the good job and he knows exactly how to maintain the whole game. But god, the unbearable boredom! He wakes up every morning and asks himself, is this it? Is this all there is? So much testosterone infused juice pumping through his masculine system but nowhere to go with it. Poor baby—come to Mamma!

My boy was like this when I found him. Beautiful my boy but bored to death with his tidy little life, nourishing himself on a dream of one day realizing his fantasy. He has long silky brown hair, my boy. Normally I am not into men with long hair but this time is different. It grows down to his shoulders and it’s always clean. On the day when I finally meet him face-to-face, I want to run my fingers through it. Just reach across the table and wordlessly start caressing and petting him. But of course, I do not. I just sit there, quietly looking into his alert blue eyes, measuring him. He seems hungry—like a young puppy. He has written to me, wondering if I needed any men for my Men’s Team. Men are always writing to me to see if they can join my Team. They have no idea what they would be expected to do. They just smell sex and they want in on it. The Men’s Team is very simply a collection of men that I have met one way or another over the years. They are individuals who are especially sophisticated in their masculine sexuality, not just good fuckers but really experienced lovers. I use my Team only occasionally for special rituals and events in association with the workshops that I offer every year for women. They are my secret weapons. My work is with female sexuality and sometimes I need to use men to accomplish what I have set out to do in a particular workshop situation. The Team consists of men that I have known for years as well as fresh meat that comes my way over the Internet or through personal introduction.

When I get an email request from a new guy, I start setting up the imaginary casting couch. I’m really sneaky about it too. I’m all business and serious on the outside but the whole process turns me on enormously. I write back politely and in a very non-committal way, request a photo. If the guy’s photo looks like shit, you know, potbelly, thinning hair, gold chain around his neck, I tell him that I am not looking for anybody at this time but I will keep his information on file. I immediately move his mail and photo to the trash and go on to other things. But if he looks hot and I like what he has to offer, I go ahead and get the old ball rolling. I have met several fascinating men this way. It doesn’t always work out on a personal level. Sometimes they really do want to be on my Team and are not specifically interested in fucking me. But often they are just horny and, of course, this is my cue to take total advantage of the situation.

I tell all potential candidates that they have to fuck me if they want to be on the Team. Not in the first mail, of course, but somewhere along the line if the conversation seems to be moving in the right direction. It’s actually kind of a trick question: Can you fuck me? Can you fuck the boss? Can you fuck Mommy? I want to see how they react and if they are able to say yes, rather than giving some kind of whinny, shitty, self-defeating response. I want to know that they can fuck any and all women because they are open to sexually serving the superior gender. I theorize that if they can’t turn me on, if they don’t really know what they are doing in bed with me, they won’t be any good with the other women who pay a fat fee to do my workshop. The men who have made it onto my Team are exceptional individuals. Most of them have had hundreds of partners and they have perfect poise and grace when connecting with women. They know how to lick pussy and how to make a woman ejaculate. They know how to fuck for hours without coming. They are original, creative and without boundaries. They have the kind of skills that most men don’t know anything about. So in fucking potential candidates right up front, I am actually doing everybody a really big favor. I am preventing a whole lot of disappointment later on. The process is really like the casting couch of some lascivious Hollywood producer. I shamelessly use these men but for a very good cause.

Dear Maggie,

I read recently that you are occasionally looking for love slaves to pleasure the women in your workshops. I cannot tell if I would be qualified for such a task but surrendering to and satisfying the needs of women is very exciting to me. I am limited in experience but I would love to learn and grow further in my sexual expertise.

I am 40 years old and in excellent physical shape. I work in academia and I am happily married. It would be a great pleasure to meet you personally.


Dear Maggie
Thank you for your prompt reply requesting a photo and more information about myself.

My fantasies go far beyond the straight but satisfying sex that I enjoy with my wife. I want to try out new things and l like your playful approach to sex. In the same way that I strive each day within my profession to expand my mind, I would also like to enrich and expand my sexual experience – quite simply for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of it.

Unfortunately I do not think that my wife would follow me where I want to go sexually. I feel that there are things that we cannot share—I could never tell her about my soft s/m fantasies for instance or my desire to surrender to a strong woman. Moreover I do not believe that sex and love are inextricably linked. I love my wife and do not feel that my desire for sexual adventure takes away from our life together or the deep love that I feel for her.

When this guy writes to me inquiring about my Team and I see a photo of his naked torso, I think: Wow! I’ve got to meet this one, no two ways about it. He looks so cute and his belly is so flat that I selfishly consider keeping him all for myself. And then, there we are, just a few days later sitting in a restaurant sharing a club sandwich and talking about, fantasy, desire, workshops and life. As expected, he is hot and I sense it instantly. But he is also smart and his English is perfect. I’m really interested in fucking him as soon as possible and then he starts telling me in more detail about his fantasies. It turns out that all his adult life he’s been fantasizing about being dominated by a strong older woman. My cheeks get warm as I listen attentively.

This is an extract from Pleasure by Maggie Tapert, which is available in German at All material is (c) Maggie Tapert and reproduced with permission of the author.

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