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The time has come! A few weeks ago we published a post outlining the structure of the SP programme for 2016. We’re very excited now to announce full details for The Big Adventure, our public programme of workshops and events for 2016.

For the first time this year we’ve programmed a whole year upfront. This allows you to bookmark the things you want to participate in and keep those dates free. It also means that you can plot your unique Big Adventure through our programme. We’re really excited about this and we hope that you are too.

Many of the workshops are scheduled in line with the Wheel of the Year, the 8 seasonal holidays of the Pagan calendar. These are powerful moments in the year and we’re excited to mark them with you.

So here it is (drum roll) … The Big Adventure for 2016!


30/31 Jan – Intimately (Faerie & Marti)

We kick off 2016 with Faerie & Marti’s popular non-kink intro weekend. This is a beautifully simple workshop exploring the foundations of deep connection: boundaries, desires, communication and vulnerability. It’s a great place to start your Big Adventure and a fantastic refresher on four pillars of conscious sexuality and mindful living.

Online now and filling up fast! Find out more and book places >>

19/20 Mar – Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber (Faerie & Ruby)

Faerie teams up with the marvellous Ruby May for the next in his series of Lady Cacao events. Both Ruby & Faerie love working with ceremonial cacao and this is our first collaboration with each other and Her Ladyship. Secret Chamber is an embodied exploration of slow kink, sensuality and the undefended heart. Expect the unexpected – and you can be sure it’ll be profound.

Online on Friday 22nd January, 12 noon

(This workshop is part of a limited edition of 3 events, also visiting Berlin and Copenhagen. You can find out more about the series and book places for Berlin here >>

30 Apr to 2 May – In Love & Service (Ruby May)

This is the one everyone’s talking about! Ruby May’s workshop on erotic female leadership has already sold out in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin and we’re honoured to host it in London. This is going to be a mind-blowing exploration of the transformative power of women leading and men serving, beyond the clichés of female dominance. Be quick off the mark or you’re bound to miss it  – we expect this one to fill up very fast indeed!

Online on Sunday 14th Feb, 5pm

Kinky Skills evening classes
10 & 17 May – Shibari with Santi
24 & 31 May – Glimpse Through The Purple Door (Marti)
Thanks to your requests and suggestions, we’re pleased to host two pairs of evening classes exploring kinky skills. Santi will kick it off with his much-loved Shibari intro; and Marti will lead her first solo workshop, a short version of The Purple Door so you can taste the delights of impact play and dominance and submission.

Online in late March

17 to 19 June – Violently Yours (Frank, Sheila & Faerie)

The delights just keep coming! Faerie teams up with Kinky Kung Fu & Playfighting masters Frank and Sheila for a weekend exploring the erotic pleasure of violence. This is a subject close to all three of our hearts and we’re very excited to make our first collaboration this Summer Solstice.

Online in late April

Sat 30 Jul – Sacred Six (various)

Sacred Pleasures is six years old this year! Can you believe it? What seemed like a crazy dream has blossomed into something magnificent, and this is a day of workshops and performances to celebrate our birthday. We’ve reserved a beautiful space for this special day-long event and we look forward to seeing you there.

Online in mid-May

17/18 Sept – Gayatri & Marti collaboration

Even though we’ve programmed the whole year, we love to leave some space for spontaneity and surprise – so this first collaboration from Gayatri and Marti will stay in its wrapping til nearer to the time. We are excited to see what these two powerful, sensual and sensational women will create together – watch this space for more info.

29/30 Oct – Queen (Maggie & Marti)

For Samhain we’re excited to run two weekends back-to-back. First up we’re chuffed to have the mighty Maggie Tapert back in London for another weekend of female empowerment: Queen. This workshop rocked our world last year, and this time our beloved Marti will support Maggie to create something even more amazing. Yeah!

5/6 Nov – Purple Door (Faerie & Marti)

Second in our Samhain double-bill is The Purple Door, our ever-popular intro to conscious kink. This workshop was birthed by Faerie in the Czech Republic, early in his relationship with Marti. Since then it’s grown into a powerful two-day introduction to BDSM that’s toured all over Northern Europe. Expect the ecstatic as you discover what kinky pleasures turn you on.

(26/27 Nov): Shibari beginners & intermediate weekend (Santi)

Our last kink-focussed workshop of the year is a weekend of Shibari, taking you from the basics through to complex binds in just two days. Santi’s course is our highest-rated and most enduring event and it’s bound to sell out. (Excuse the pun, we couldn’t resist.)

Solstice (30 Dec – 3 Jan): Together NYE (Faerie & guest)

To wrap up the year we invite you to an extended Together to celebrate the New Year. Together is our signature event, a scintillating combination of workshop, social space and play party. This time we’re going to live together for 3 full days, allowing us to go even deeper and explore even more magic and transformation together. Do not miss this one, it’ll rock your world!


So that, my friends, is 2016 in a nutshell. Isn’t it beautiful to see it all laid out in front of you? We hope you like it as much as we do. We’re literally bursting with excitement.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the programme – and keep an eye on those dates to make sure you get your places booked.

With love from Faerie & the SP team