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In this blog post, SP founder and leader London Faerie talks about the exciting new structure for the 2016 programme of events and workshops.

As this post goes live we’re in the closing hours of Together, London: our signature weekend of sex-positive community and intimate play, also our last event of 2015.

It’s been a fantastic year for us, including a successful transition as we said goodbye to Claire and welcomed Marti as second-in-command; the development of our beautiful non-kink intro Intimately; our first ever week-long retreat, Together // On Holiday; and two large-scale Purple Door workshops that introduced more people to conscious kink than ever before.

As you know, we’re not the types to rest on our laurels. Since the end of July, we’ve been developing our programme for 2016. This began with a sleepless cacao-fuelled night of visions after Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber in Berlin, where I glimpsed a new type of space for SP. Since then we’ve been gently building a beautiful two-tiered programme of work which I’m delighted to share with you over the next few weeks.

In this post I’ll outline the structure of next year’s programme. For the first time in 2016 we offer two tiers of work: The Main Adventure and The Inner Sanctum. The Main Adventure is similar to our programme in 2014 and 2015: a series of 12 workshops held in studios around London and open to whoever feels called to attend.

Alongside this we are excited to launch The Inner Sanctum, a supplementary programme of more intimate and experimental events for those who’ve been with us for a while.

Please read on to find out more about how these two programmes work.

The Big Adventure
The Big Adventure offers 12 compelling workshops across the year on our favourite topics: conscious kink, wholehearted intimacy, embodied empowerment and sex-positive community. The Big Adventure is a space for exploration, connection, learning and pleasure, the perfect place to start or continue your journey into Sacred Pleasures.

Two things underpin this programme: permission to embrace yourself as you are and an invitation to know yourself better.

The Big Adventure includes our evergreen favourites – Shibari with Santi, The Purple Door, Intimately and Together – and welcomes exciting new work from Ruby May, Frank & Sheila and Gayatri & Marti. And we’re excited to celebrate our 6th birthday in style with a day-long event looking back at all we’ve achieved and looking forward to the myriad possibilities for an inspiring future.

The Big Adventure is bristling with new ideas. It’s scheduled across the 8 pagan holidays, aligning beautifully with the cycles of nature and harnessing the power of these significant dates in the year.

For the first time this year we’ll announce the programme in full at the start of the year. Look out for the mailing and blog post on Boxing Day, launching the whole year’s programme. (Click here if you’re not already subscribed.)

So this is The Big Adventure: an exhilarating programme that supports you to step into who you are and helps you feel more free and more alive. The Big Adventure is open to everyone and details of each event is published on our website as it opens for bookings.

The Inner Sanctum
Alongside The Big Adventure we’re delighted to introduce The Inner Sanctum, a supplementary programme for those who’ve already been in the community for some time and are looking for new avenues to explore.

The Inner Sanctum takes place at our cosy new space, lovelab23, and is built around two monthly events:

New Moon Cacao: every New Moon we host a cacao ceremony with a different theme. We use magical chocolate from Guatemala as a catalyst to open your hearts wider, deepen your connections and increase your sensuality

You Are A Work In Progress: on the last Wednesday of every month Faerie hosts an open process circle. Here you can bring whatever you’re struggling with and have it witnessed, held and integrate with support from Faerie and the group.

These events are open to existing members of the community and their invited guests; in most cases you’ve already been to several SP workshops or you’re coming with someone who has.

These events are more intimate in size and nature, allowing us to cosy up and go deeper than in the bigger groups.

As well as these two monthly events, lovelab23 plays host to experimental workshops, events, performances and film screenings suggested by members of the community. True to its description as “a sanctuary for experiments of the heart”, we welcome your ideas about what can happen in the space.

Maybe you have a workshop brewing but you’re not quite ready to charge for it? Or perhaps you’d like to show your favourite film to your SP friends and lovers?

We’re excited to make lovelab23 available for the unusual and the untested – a space for us and for you to try things out in a safe, relaxed setting. True to its name, lovelab23 is a place for experiments and an incubator for the next generation of amazing work.

Events at lovelab23 will generally be limited to 12 participants. They’re cheaper and smaller, with your contributions used to sustain the space and extra income ploughed back into the social fund.

So this is The Inner Sanctum: a low-key programme of events for those who’ve already been with SP and want to stay in touch with the community. The Inner Sanctum is open by invitation only to Friends & Lovers of SP and their invited guests. There’ll be some basic info in a password-protected area of the website, with personal invitations sent out by Whats App, Telegram and SMS.


So this is our programme for 2016: continuing to expand what we do and creating space for innovative new work to emerge. Welcome!

On Boxing Day, we will publish another post with a full outline of The Big Adventure. Until then we wish you a wonderful December and a very Merry Christmas.

With love and hugs from Faerie & the SP team