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In this blogpost SP Founder London Faerie presents the programme of workshops for January to June 2017

Curating the programme for Sacred Pleasures is the most exciting and challenging part of my job. It’s exciting because I get to dream into the future, tantalising you with bizarre adventures that lead you into exotic new worlds. It’s challenging because I’m always scared to miss the mark, especially in this hostile economic and political climate. Who wants to fall flat on their face when they unveil their latest creation to the great big world (wide web)?

Releasing the 2017 programmeIt’s typically a process that unfolds over several months – I’ve been working on this since September and just put the finishing touches to it last week. So when the moment comes — PHEW! Relief, exhilaration, fear all mingled together as I let that balloon go and watch it rise (or fall!)

Like I said: this is an exciting and challenging part of my job. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. So here goes!

In 2016 I tried out some stuff for the first time. This year I’m refining those features and adding one more.

1. I followed the Wheel of the Year and hosted 8 out of the 11 workshops on highly significant days (Imbolc, Equinox, Beltane and so on). These are the seasonal equivalent of ley lines, the year’s energetic power points: placing events on Pagan holidays gave them cauldron-loads of extra magic and power.

As this worked so well, I’m doing the same again this year – in 2017 we’ll host a workshop on every holiday except Lammas.

2. I announced the whole year’s programme upfront, giving you the chance to plan your diary well in advance. This worked really well for the first half of the year but not so well for the second – perhaps it was just too far away to announce workshops in December for the following Autumn and Winter!

So this time I’m giving you the full schedule from January to June and I’ll announce the rest of the year by the end of May.

3. For this coming half-year I have all my European workshops confirmed as well. This is a first for me and I’m delighted about it. So I am pleased to include the European workshops in this announcement: if you can’t make it for a certain date in London or the workshop you want isn’t offered yet, you still have some overseas options to play with.

And believe me, you won’t regret a weekend in Utrecht or Berlin – such sexy, open people and so many good vibes!

With all this in mind, here’s the scheduled for January to June 2017, ready for you to devour with delight.

21/22 & 28/29 January | Imbolc
Intimately (London)

This is the third time we’re kicking the year off with Intimately, our beautiful introduction to intimacy and connection led by Marti & I. We recently did this in Denmark to a small group, and decided that it works well to limit it to 12 participants. As demand for this workshop is generally high, we’ll be running it twice, on two successful weekends, at our gorgeous studio in Dalston, East London.

Find out more about Intimately and book here >>

10-12 February
Faerie workshops at The Winter House (nr London)
For the third successive year I’m curating and leading workshops at The Winter House, a sumptuous and cosy sex-positive event in a splendid manor house in Kent. This year I’ll offer a set of three connected workshops  to support you to stay strong and positive in these dark times.

Find out more about The Winter House and book here >>

24-26 February
Violently Yours (Berlin)

Last year I created a Weekend of Sexy Violence with my good friends Frank & Sheila. We called it Violently Yours because we love provoking and shocking you lovely people! It was, in fact, a gorgeous, heart-centred and liberating weekend exploring a huge taboo – the place where sex gets violent and violence gets sexy. We loved it and so did you – so we’re extending it to 3 days and offering it in Berlin.

Find out more about Violently Yours and book here >>

11-12 March
The Purple Door (Utrecht)

The Purple Door remains one of our best and most popular workshops: a profound introduction to Conscious Kink that leaves people gasping for more. I’m off to Utrecht to lead this with my dear friend and producer Wilrieke, one of the upcoming stars of the Dutch conscious sexuality scene.

Find out more about The Purple Door and book here >>

25-26 Mar | Spring Equinox
The Purple Door II — Mesmerized (London)

You asked for it and now you’ve got it! Marti & I are creating a follow-up to Purple Door, where we take you deeper into impact play and dominance and submission. We’ll be playing with catharsis, breath, collars and more … this is going to be HOT STUFF. Join us and be Mesmerised by the power of Ecstatic BDSM!

Find out more about Mesmerized and book here >>

5-7 May | Beltane
The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao (London)

Lady Cacao, back in London in MayI’m very excited to lead an ecstatic and playful 3-day cacao-fuelled extravaganza for Beltane this year – all by myself! I haven’t led solo in London since the heady days of The White House, and recently I’ve been feeling a strong urge to do it again. This powerful, playful and exhilarating three-day adventure harnesses the power of ceremonial cacao and the delicious intimacy of kinky play through a series of rituals and play sessions. Find out how deep you can go and discover the place where pleasure and transformation meet.

Find out more about The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao and book here >>

4-7 May | Beltane
Marti workshops at Puravida (Dorset)

While I’m leading chocolatey revels in London, Marti continues her solo adventures with workshops at Puravida, a lovely conscious rave hosted by our friends at Osho Leela. Open up at Marti’s workshops during the day thendance the night away at this mostly-sober 4-day party.

Find out more about Puravida and book here >>

3-4 June
Sexy Stuff // Lovers’ Playground (Utrecht)

For my second visit to Utrecht in 2017, I’ll create something brand-new with the wonderful Wilrieke Sophia, a rising star of the conscious sex and polyamory scenes in the Netherlands. This will be a rich, sexy weekend for couples and triads to explore and deepen together. More details to follow soon!

Find out more about Lovers’ Playground and book here >>

24/25 June | Summer Solstice
At The Threshold (London)

As we approach the end of the first 7 years of Sacred Pleasures, Gayatri & Faerie welcome you to a continuous 24 hours of celebration and ritual magic. At The Threshold is a brand-new event in which you can look back over the past seven years and celebrate everything you’ve achieved, and look forward into the unknown with awe and wonder.

At The Threshold goes online by Friday 19th May.

So that, my friends, is the schedule for January to June 2017. I’m breathing out now, knowing that it’s out there. I really, really hope you like it! If you do, please grab your diary and note the dates you fancy.

And whether you like it or not, I deeply welcome your feedback: email me at faerie [at] sacred pleasures [dot] co [dot] uk. I create this programme for YOU! So tell me what works for you and what else you want to see, so I can keep crafting and honing it in dialogue with you. Thank you!

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