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In this blogpost SP founder London Faerie gives an update on our expansion plans and what we need to take our work to the next level

Over the summer we put out a call for a Creative Producer to join the SP team and help us take our work to the next level. We received quite a few applications and identified an excellent candidate, who in September agreed to take on the role. Sadly they then realised they had over-committed themselves and had to pull out, leaving us back at Square One.

I’m not someone who’s easily defeated and I’m also not one to push on when Life’s offering me valuable information. So after the initial despair I asked myself: “What’s this gift in this situation?” And I realised that my approach – to find a single person who wears many hats – smacked of thinking small. And that’s why it had failed: because however great the person we’d found was, they were still just one person and that in itself would limit what’s possible.

Since then I’ve regrouped and rethought our approach. If SP is really going to grow to its new size, it needs a robust infrastructure and an outstanding team. So now I’m looking to build that structure piece by piece, finding an array of collaborators with whom to build a magnificent castle in which to house our work.

With this in mind, I’d like to let you know about some of the folks we’re looking for in the coming year. Below you’ll find a list of roles we need at Sacred Pleasures. Some of these may combine and become a joint role; others can be fulfilled by one person; others still can have multiple people in the same role.

Through this new approach I hope to create a resource-pool of excellence from which to draw, without the fear of losing the single person who makes everything happen.

Please take a look through this list and let us know if you can fulfil one or more of these roles. Please also pass this on to others who you think might be suitable. Help us to make SP as grand as it can be – so we can reach many people with our precious work.

At some point, we’re going to need some spare cash. If you’re one of those clever people who’s great at raising funds, we need you on our side! You could have come from the IT Sector and be a crowd-funding genius; or know your way round public Arts and Innovation funding; or even have raised corporate seed-funding and private investment. You’re smart, adaptive and creative, always spotting opportunities ahead of the crowd.

There’s no time limit on this one – the sooner we find each other, the quicker we can get things moving. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Marketing / Press / PR wizard
We are currently growing our customer base and finding new ways to talk about our work. You’re someone who style-switches effortlessly, translating one person’s worldview into the language of another. You totally rock social media, you don’t find the way The Press is changing at all baffling and you have a fantastic database of contacts. You are, in fact, total gold dust!

You simply love finding ways to present things that make them accessible and widely appealing.  We’re looking to begin a relationship with you on specific projects and gradually expand your role so you help us present our whole body of work creatively and skilfully.

As with the fundraising, there’s no time limit here. We already have someone in place to work on our retreat in June and they may fit the wider role too. However we’re keen to foster other relationships and see what’s possible across different marketplaces.

Talks Producer
One of the things that’ll support our growth is to do talks in different settings. Faerie’s an experienced and skilled public-speaker and is keen to harness this possibility to widen SP’s net. However they’re less experienced at knowing the best venues to place these talks.

You’re someone who’s connected into a few different worlds and has a good sense of what works where. You love our work and you can see it expanding into some of the settings you’re already familiar with. You enjoy being slightly provocative and ‘on the edge’, knowing that it’s through innovation that things really grow and develop.

We’re keen to get more talks out there as soon as possible. Get in touch if this role appeals to you.

We’ve found someone for this position

Events Producers
We’ve found a few people for these positions

Online Course creator
We’ve found someone for this position

So as you can see, we are building a big beautiful castle for you and others to play in. Get in touch with Faerie if you are the one to help lay some of the bricks – faerie [at] sacredpleasures . co . uk. We need you!