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In this article, SP leader London Faerie talks about some changes to the programme and why they’ve come about.

A jungle adventureTomorrow I fly to Peru to begin a 12-day medicine journey in the jungle. This is a huge experience for me and I’ve been feeling the preverberations of it already for several weeks. The themes of this retreat seem to be: living with uncertainty and embracing death. As someone who loves order, structure and control, I’ve been shaken to my very core by the intensity of meeting these themes head-on. As this soul shakedown comes in, the part of me that wants to know and to control is being told: you can’t know. You can’t know and you can’t even work it out! You just have to surrender and trust.

Last summer I set the intention to expand Sacred Pleasures and take our work out to more people. Since then, I’ve been faced by a number of challenges and setbacks. As I approach this big letting-go experience in the Peruvian jungle, I’m discovering that, to let things grow bigger I have to hold them more loosely, allow them space to breathe and trust others to take up their places beside me. It’s a fascinating, excruciating and compelling process.

It’s not all doom and gloom: I have in fact taken some significant steps in the right direction. I got a new administrator on board and he’s quickly established himself as able to take on extra responsibilities, freeing me up to focus on other stuff (like freaking out about the jungle!) And in May we’ll run our first major workshop produced exclusively by someone else: the wondrous Bayari. Piece by piece I’m learning to hand over, trust and let go.

At the same time, my natural desire to push things forward has been thwarted a few times recently. The most vivid example of this is The Eye of the Storm, our 9-day retreat for couples and triads on Lanzarote. Marti & I were so excited to launch this next-level workshop, which was scheduled for June, but sadly we’re not able to go ahead with it for a variety of reasons. So I’m letting you all know now that this retreat is cancelled for now and we’ll come back to it when the time is right.

We know that this retreat wants to happen and the question is only when. With this in mind, we’d love to hear from you if you were thinking about joining the retreat and hadn’t told us yet. This allows us to get in touch with you when we’re ready to relaunch it and ensure that the new dates work for you. So if you’d like to join The Eye of the Storm in the future, please email us at faerieandmarti [at]

And there’s more! As a consequence of Lanzarote being cancelled, it’s likely that I’ll lead a London workshop on 24/25 June. In the spirit of living with uncertainty, I’m not going to decide about this until I’ve completed the jungle retreat. Because the honest truth is, while I have some ideas about what this weekend could be, I’m not clear enough yet to move on it. So I’m leaving it open and I hope you can enjoy with me the possibility of something cool happening in that space, without knowing yet what it is.

With all this uncertainty, one thing is for sure: with Bayari at the helm as producer, The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is going ahead at Beltane! We’re looking forward to this three-day adventure with a lot of love and excitement – especially after Mesmerized, the beautiful Equinox weekend of kinky pleasure and play hosted by Marti & I.

So please come join us for Lady Cacao, Fri 5th – Sun 7th May, and discover what happens when you dive into your fantasies and desires and allow yourself to play with your taboos. We expect it to be a gloriously sexy weekend and it’s already half-full. Please sign up soon if you feel the call.

In the meantime though, I’m off to the jungle to embrace uncertainty and die another death. See you on the other side, friends!