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In this article, Bayari talks about how she became producer of Lady Cacao.

Bayari blog post

As I sprawl out in my makeshift temple I’m taking a moment to reflect on how I came to be producer for The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao. It’s taken me by surprise to find myself in this role, though it’s fair to say that when I work with Sacred Pleasures, I always get stuck in and really go for it!

Take my first time as a practical helper. In the morning I was popping the kettle on and arranging biscuits in attractive formations, and by lunchtime I’d been elevated to demo bunny and received a good spanking from London Faerie! After lunch they still made me do the hoovering. The imaginary crown that had been forming on my head rapidly disappeared!

My roles over the last few years have been multi-faceted, from practical helper, demo bunny, raw chocolate creator, and more recently, assistant. This new year I was lead helper at Together, which was a bit of a s-t-r-e-t-c-h, as I was hands off and giving instructions instead of my default of trying-to-do-it-all-myself. I must say, I took to the new role like a duck to water and my crown started to reappear ; – )

And so, in this weird and wonderful world we all find ourselves in… it made perfect sense when London Faerie approached me to produce. Now, if I thought being lead helper was stretchy, this new role is truly helping me grow. London Faerie is a maestro of their realm and I’ve had to learn fast… new team, new processes and a meticulously organised strategy (this ain’t no hippy setup!).  Coupled with the dance of trusting my own instinct and adhering to the team’s protocol, I’ve really felt my growing pains. In amongst all of this, I have experienced teenage angst “I’m not cool or kinky enough for this”… “Can I feel into the field and do magic like the others?” “What if I mess it all up?” (to name but a snippet of my inner dialog).

venus in arcadia norman lindsayAnd whilst it remains true that at orgies I’m more likely to be handing out condoms or making cups of chai, I now know that it’s ok to find my own way in these experiences and do what feels good to me. I don’t need to be the wildest, sauciest one to get the absolute importance of this work – and I embrace its existence wholeheartedly!

As a backdrop to writing this, I’ve been listening to our DJ Rich’s selection for Lady Cacao, and one of the tracks went straight to my heart – it’s C’est le Vent, the haunting Betty Blue soundtrack. It catapulted me back to my teenage self and my fantasies of being in the film. In fact, I wanted to BE Béatrice Dalle and experience all that sensual, intense, romantic, melancholic sex.

To be living with that emotional intensity and raw passion felt like a taboo to me (growing up as a good Catholic girl) and as I write this I realise this is a fantasy I’d love to live out… but it’ll just have to wait for now, whilst I support you in realising your fantasies…

Bring all of that and all of your beautiful self to the place to The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao, where taboo, kink, fantasy & transformation are most welcome!