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Dear friends, allies and seekers

Today is the beginning of Year 8 of Sacred Pleasures. So I guess it’s Happy Birthday to us! On this auspicious day I’d like to let you know a little about what’s been going at SP HQ and reveal the goodies we’ve got lined up for you for the Autumn.

7 years old today

For the last few months I’ve been at a threshold about what’s next for SP. As someone who likes things neat and tidy, I was hoping that I’d come to a certain point and everything would become clear. But in practice that hasn’t happened and I’m just having to stay in the unknown a bit longer!

I sense that something is waiting to be birthed: a new body of work emerging from all that we’ve learnt in the past 7 years. It feels like a pregnancy, a new life gestating and growing, not ready to come out yet. It’s both exciting and scary and can be very intense at times. I’m getting used to this feeling of not knowing and it’s still a daily practice to sit with it and not freak out.

In the meantime life goes on and there are many of you eagerly awaiting more of our workshops. And there are new things emerging that are ready to share now. So I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve put together an interim programme for the coming months, to keep you engaged with The Work while we give birth to the next evolution of SP.

So here are some lovely things we’ve got lined up for you in the coming months.

Tues 5th Sept (London)
“The New Season” Social
We kick off our new season with a social get-together at the gorgeous home of Tony & Sarah. Find out more and book your places >>

Sat 30 Sept & Sun 1 Oct (London)
Power, Surrender & Play (for your lovelife and your whole life) – led by Newman
I’m fascinated by power and surrender. Through 15 years of exploring BDSM I’ve learnt a great deal about how they work both in an erotic context and in the everyday world. This workshop is an exploration of how our kinky play can transform our relationship with power and surrender. It’s a first step in the direction of my new work and I’m very excited to share it with you. Join me at our beautiful new space in Stoke Newington (NE London) for a weekend of power, surrender and play – for your lovelife and your whole life. Find out more and book your places >>

Fri 27 – Sun 29 Oct (London)
Together // Forever – led by Newman & Gayatri
Since 2013, Together has been our signature event: a magical place where you can be more of who you are and learn how to share that in sex-positive community. For this interim programme Gayatri & I are hosting Together for the last time. We’re calling it Together // Forever, reminding you that the way you feel in this space never goes away once you’ve experienced it. This is a special, extended 3-day edition: 2 full days of workshop and a day-long play party. We can’t wait to come Together with you one last time! Together // Forever goes online on Saturday 9th September.

Thurs 23rd Nov (London)
Nearly-Winter Social
Please note the date change for our last social of 2017 – it’s 1 week earlier than originally scheduled and will go online in mid-October.

Sat 2 & Sun 3 Dec (London)
Take The Reins – led by Marti
Over the past few months Marti’s work has been growing in an exciting new direction. She’s been exploring female empowerment and how BDSM can help women to step into a more powerful version of themselves. In December Marti offers her first solo weekend workshop. Take The Reins is a weekend for people who live in the world as women and want to increase their personal power. Sacred Pleasures is very excited to host this first workshop in partnership with Marti’s new venture, The Sound of Birch. Take The Reins goes online on Sunday 1st October.

So this is our interim programme for the Autumn. And we also have something very exciting for next Spring.

Sun 15 – Sun 22 April 2018 (Somerset)
Dancing in the Dark – led by Dossie Easton and Newman
When we launched Sacred Pleasures in 2010, our first major workshop was Radical Ecstasy, led by living legend Dossie Easton. 7 years later, Dossie and I are collaborating on a brand-new week-long retreat exploring the transformative power of BDSM. Dancing in the Dark explores how we can heal our wounds through kink and how this healing can lead us to transcendent experiences. This is Dossie’s first-ever residential retreat and I’m honoured to be co-creating it with her. Dancing in the Dark goes online on Sunday 1st October.

Change is a powerful process and I’m doing my best to stay with it as it does its thing. Thank you for your patience as new things emerge. We very much look forward to sharing these adventures with you in the Autumn – see you there.

With love
Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie)
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