After each event we send an online survey to each participant, inviting feedback on what they liked and what we can do better.

For obvious reasons many people prefer to have their feedback quoted anonymously – so if there’s no name beside a comment, that’s the reason.

Purple Door

“It was a wonderful grounding in the basics of D/s that no one should attempt play without. As always with Sacred Pleasures events, I learned and experienced unexpected things, even on a topic I thought I already knew a lot about.”

“You know what’s so beautiful, I was as much alive after this weekend as after a tantra workshop! Conscious kink dives into the same layers with the same intention and even with the same effects. Only through another door (the Purple one) Amazing!”

“The Purple Door was humbling, heart opening, thrilling, joyful, expansive and inclusive. It is a weekend I will always remember for the opportunity to touch the aliveness that is my birthright.” – Michelle

“It was a wonderful, open, connected workshop to explore our creativity and learn safely both how to use and experience impact play, so we can go out into the world to share and play! The next day one of my friends said ‘why are you so glowing this evening?’, so it clearly works! I felt deeply satisfied and nourished by the workshop.” – Becky

“It was an eye-opening, beautiful, warm and safe introduction to the huge range of sensuality and intimacy in BDSM.”

“I had an extraordinary weekend. The workshop was impeccably led, supported, resourced and priced. Bloody perfect as far as I’m concerned. I shall be highly recommending it all around town. It was a lovingly held walk into the delicious unknown landscape of ecstatic BDSM. A place to make love in so many ways and learn more about myself through the doorways of pleasure and pain.”

“I enjoyed the very gentle and loving approach, and the way in which the topic of BDSM was presented. I was very nervous at the beginning, but thanks to you and the atmosphere you created, my nerves passed and I stopped worrying about it. I was very surprised at how I felt after the “more challenging moments”. I felt very nice and loved. Adrenalin started to spread within my body; the joy from something unexpected!” Petra

“Thank you for what was a delightful weekend of learning new skills and new things about myself. The group sexual energy is very nourishing. You held us all completely, in your wonderfully sensitive, yet no nonsense way. Fabulous!!” Sid and Mo

“I really appreciated the safe space [that was] provided, the very pleasant personal behaviour, professionalism and overall the welcoming approach. I left the workshop totally blown away and full of excitement and even after longer thinking I have nothing to reproach. [The workshop was] deep, juicy, inspiring, relaxed and safe. Thanks!” Sarka

“I felt very safe from the very beginning, which is important for me. What I have experienced on this workshop is truly indescribable. Big thanks to Faerie and his team” Lucie

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Lady Cacao

“It’s a loving sensual workshop that uses the spirit of Cacao to open up a loving sexual and mildly kinky exploration of myself and the other spirits in the group. I loved the partner work in the morning and liked the gentle loving buzz that the cacao provided – love the fact that there was no sense of being out of control or any drug like downer afterwards. I found the cacao opened a loving space with the group and the individuals I was working with very quickly which was lovely.”

“It was delicious, chocolate, velvety, loving, space to be and connect with others who are conscious and free. I liked the boundary exercises and chance to connect before moving into the play party. The Cacao gave a spiritual dimension and made it really easy for me to connect more deeply and let go of worries or fears.”

“It was a sensual day of gently increased openness. Boundaries could be explored with greater ease and conscious decisions could be made with integrity. The cacao made me feel fluffier inside. More cuddly. I didn’t feel the slightest bit awkward with saying “No” during the play party and they were well received too.” Rob

“[It was] a delightful opportunity to feel my open heart expanded and connected with others in a delicious, sacred transcendence. I loved the venue; the sense of well-boundaried exploration; the work we did on Yes and No. This last element, for me, rolled significantly into the play party, which I enjoyed immensely! I came to the event already with an open heart, excited about what we were about to do. This sense deepened when I discovered others there with whom I have enjoyed yummy experiences before, and this spread to nearly all the other participants, as I got to know them. I do think that the cacao helped open my heart further.”

“[It was] a delicious and safe container to explore the intersection between the buzz of cacao, kink and sensual touch, suitable for beginners and more experienced explorers alike. I liked the mix of structure and non-structure, and the progression through from connecting with yourself in initial meditation, to connecting with others in a structured way, to connecting with others in an unstructured way. I really liked the expressing desires to do something with specific people (just being able to put that into the space, with no pressure for response, and being able to feel free to express desire without the fear of getting an outright rejection), and the expression of non-person-specific desires into the circle. That set up the play party wonderfully. The space felt well held and safe.”

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Shibari with Santi

“I liked Santi’s teaching style – informed, undogmatic, interesting, fun. Enjoyed practicing tying and being tied. It’s a great simple introduction to bondage, taught clearly and in a fun way.” Kate

“Santi’s delivery was clear and concise and I found I like being the roper and that I was good at it, which was a surprise to me! Santi also kept it light and amusing and being relaxed makes it easier to do it well.” – Sid & Mo

“It gave me the next level of technique and has helped me to progress, [and taught] the basics of shibari in a non intimidating environment.” Stuart

“Santi has very practical, relaxed and jolly approach in his teaching which makes the whole experience rather exciting and to my own surprise I actually learn a lot though it felt more like a game.” – Marti

“Santi was a great teacher. Really helpful and patient. Everyone there was really up for the experience. It was a nice time (and we never had to chat about what we do for a living!)”

“Santi created a very safe, practical learning environment. I came away with solid foundation skills I felt I could put into practice right away.”

“Santi’s down-to-earth style makes Shibari unintimidating and easy to learn.”

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Playfighting / Kinky Kung Fu

“Frank and Sheila were great, very engaging to watch and knowledgeable about their subject. I liked that it was informal, permissive and an encouraging environment. I also liked that there was no pressure to take part at any given point. The content was absolutely fascinating.” Claire

“I liked the playful experiential interactive demos, easygoing light atmosphere, well held space. It’s a fun way to explore rough body play: useful and essential to understand and try out the basics of playfighting, so it can be more safe and juicy.”

“I love Frank & Sheila’s facilitation style: their humour, their ease with the subject matter and the clear love and affection they share. They create a safe, loving space for exploration and are also knowledgeable in how to make this rough stuff safe.” Faerie

“The chance to be physical, test my strength, interact with others in a new way and have fun in a safe, contained environment. I was nervous it would be quite challenging fighting stronger opponents but the techniques that Frank & Sheila taught, and the way they held the space negated this worry. It was great.” – Libby

“I really loved the rough and tumble sensuality and the chance to engage with another human being in a non verbal way. The fighting reveals personal strategies as well as a chance to learn from one’s play partner as well as go outside normal social boundaries, which leads lots of laughter and fun.” – Paul

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“Something had been stirred up from this event, the meaning I gave to it, the magic of it, the mastery of the holding, in its truth and nakedness and sense of the sacred pleasure so imbibing each moment and each touch.

It’s one of those occasions for me where you are not looking for love but it hits you in a new kind of form… and afterwards you have to admit somewhere in your mind that it was real and so your picture of the world has to shift and after the dark night and after the thrashing feeling of pain in my body rebelling against all the constraints I have imposed over so many years, I have the sweetest pleasure of admitting that these things are possible.” – Sofia

“I just want to thank everyone again for your immense generosity on every level – the ‘togetherness’ of the experience was so heart-opening and really what made it different from anything remotely similar that I might have experienced before. Thank you for seeing me, as I am, without my feeling that I had to be anything other than myself.” – Wendy

“Even back at work it seems possible to shine on. I also feel knackered from stopping all the effort to put barriers up around everything, I feel tired because I’m now allowing myself to believe I am loved and lovable and it was such an effort resisting love before. It was powerful and delicious, very intense and I am sad it’s over.” – Katy

“It was liking lifting the veil on how a group could drop into love in one weekend…”

“[Together is] a magical place that allows everyone’s authentic self to shine through and be witnessed and nurtured.” – Ash

“While there were certainly difficult and challenging moments, for possibly the first time I felt that I was truly able to grow into them rather than be set back – and that is a tribute to the space that all you wonderful people created.”

“If I had to describe it I’d say: Letting go to come together in a caring and beautiful space.” – Katy

“The clear and easeful facilitation assisted me to enter into new processes with minimal nervousness. The pace was perfect for me. It’s a fabulous workshop connecting people to their desires with space to experience them. Joyful, fun and deep.” Diana

“I came with high expectations: of transcendence and magic… It was more than that. We became a group experiencing what it truly means to be human; stripped of ‘civilisation’.” – Anon

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Talks & evening classes

“Thanks so much for such a beautiful and enriching evening. I’ve been processing the themes ever since. The mirrors you put up are so strong and illuminate the need for all of us to expand and become more of ourselves. I’m continuously moved by the unwavering attention and loving intent that goes into the spaces that you hold…a true giveaway. Thank you!” Rob

“Thank you for last evening – it was interesting and enjoyable. Nice to 
share a room with people you also share views on life with, and those 
views are as individual as each person there, without judgment. As you know it can feel lonely swimming against the tide in how you
 choose to relate. 

What you have to offer is fresh, relevant and I believe you are giving 
us conscious relaters and sexy explorers what we want. From your own
 experience you know what is useful to learn/know.” Sid and Mo

Thank you so much for an insightful and special evening of learning last night. As ever when I come to The White House, I turned over a new stone and and it yielded more riches and possibilities.” Jools

“Very safe, comfortable and welcoming. The boundary stuff was amazing – gaining clarity about boundaries and being confident to say what they are, as was the meditations and what goes on the body. Don’t be afraid. You are in good hands.” J

“An introduction to the power dynamics of BDSM, a very gentle, respectful, and accepting encounter with dominance and submission.” Peter

“I gained greater clarity about what I am doing and what I am looking for in intimate relationships. A very safe way to explore sex in relationships” M

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