Lady Cacao 2017 header

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th May
(three full days of exploration and play)

Clapham, London
(Level 3 workshop)

“A deep, safe, playful event which enriches your life, facilitated with love and care”
– participant at Lady Cacao 2015

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This Beltane, immerse yourself in a three-day celebration of your sacred carnal nature.

At The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao we harness the alchemical power of ceremonial cacao to activate the erotic, the kinky and the downright forbidden. Let’s reveal our hidden treasures at this magical time of renewal and rebirth. Through permission and pleasure, London Faerie and their team offer a fertile playground to bring to life the fantasies we’ve silenced and repressed.

Let’s revel in a space where taboo is given room to breathe while remaining engaged with the subtleties of consent and sensual self-expression. With the loving support of Lady Cacao, let’s unleash our true nature and ignite our sexual flame so we burn more brightly than ever. She keeps us connected with our hearts so the play remains intimate no matter how illicit it gets!

“This is really going down the rabbit hole. An adventure in altered states held so safely that the risks – and therefore the growing – can be huge!” – Lady Cacao 2015 participant

The workshop unfolds through cacao-infused openings and touch-based encounters, building towards a sublime Sunday of ritualistic play without words. Supported by a sexy, evocative soundscape, together we’ll discover the place where kink, pleasure and transformation meet.

Welcome to the Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao!

Welcome to the Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao!

“A magical and connecting experience” – Anna (on Lady Cacao 2015)

“A heartfelt and open space to explore, to go deeply and to connect with others in a well-held environment” – Nick (on Lady Cacao 2016)

“Dissolve into the smoothness of lady cacao with every sip, and let her bitter sweetness unlock the gates of your heart.” – Anon (on Lady Cacao 2016)

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is a three-day event focussed on sensuality, kink, fantasy and desire. Each day combines structured exercises that help you open up & connect, and ‘play rituals’ where you can explore your desires more freely.

Each day is dedicated to a theme:

Friday – Touch & Presence
Saturday – Fantasy & Taboo
Sunday – Silence & Stillness

We don’t want to give too much away as we have so many juicy surprises in store for you – but we can reveal that there’ll be a Wordless Play Party on the Sunday afternoon. This is an amazing chance to explore the depth and subtlety of connection that arises when words are taken out of the picture. 

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is a Level 3 (Intermediate) event and is aimed at those with some experience working with conscious sexuality, BDSM or personal growth. You’ve probably attended workshops with Sacred Pleasures or elsewhere, or explored your sexuality in another way.

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is not suitable for people who are brand-new in all these areas. If you’re a newbie and want a suitable event to attend, please check out Roughin’ It With Frank & Sheila in June.

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is open to people of any gender and orientation. If you come on your own you’re invited to work with different people throughout the weekend. If you come with a lover or partner (or two) you’re invited to work with them as much as you want – and if you wish sometimes to work separately, that’s also welcomed.

If you’re not sure whether The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is for you, please email us (bayari @ sacredpleasures . co . uk) and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it. 

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is led by London Faerie, the founder and curator of Sacred Pleasures.

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This event is produced by Bayari.

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Find out more about Bayari here >>

Regular £260
Concession £220
Supportive £300

Concessions are offered to those who earn considerably less and cannot afford the regular rate. Please be honest and only take a concession if you need to.

The supportive rate is for those who can afford it. It enables us to offer more concessionary places and is a great way to demonstrate generosity.

We’re also excited to offer a 10% discount for this event to anyone who is also attending Mesmerized. To take advantage of this offer, please book Mesmerized first and then indicate that you’re attending both when asked in the Lady Cacao booking form.

We reserve a small number of places on a Pay What You Can basis. This is for those whose circumstances would otherwise prohibit them from attending this event. If you would like to attend on this basis please email info [at] sacredpleasures [dot] co [dot] uk.

The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao takes place at a private venue in Clapham, South London.

Workshop dates & times
The Arcane Playground of Lady Cacao is a three-day experience so please commit to attending it from start to finish.

Friday 5th May: 12 noon – 8pm
Saturday 6th May: 11am – 8pm (with soft finish til 9pm)
Sunday 7th May: 11am – 7pm

Please note that the event takes place over three full days (not just Friday evening + Sat + Sun).

A few words about gender
At our workshops we aim to have a good balance of people across the gender spectrum. This includes those who are gender-queer, gender-fluid, trans or otherwise gender-identified.

The exercises and activities we invite you to participate in are never gendered and we don’t emphasize or reinforce ideas on how men, women or others are supposed to behave. Instead we create a space where you can discover what you want and how you want to express it according to your desires and preferences.

We ask all participants to bring awareness about their assumptions concerning gender and sexual orientation.

One assumption we sometimes meet in workshops is this: as a straight male participant, you’ll always partner with a female participant and you have the right to express consternation if that doesn’t happen. We do not support this assumption and we never guarantee the gender of the person you’ll be working with in any exercise.

That said, we encourage you to take care of your boundaries at all times if you find yourself paired with someone you’re not normally intimate with or aren’t attracted to. At the same time we encourage you to let yourself be surprised by the intimacy and connection that’s possible when you drop certain assumptions.

In brief: please come with an open mind, don’t assume anything and stay within your boundaries.

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