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Sat 25th – Sun 26th March
10am – 6:30pm

Clapham, London
(Level 3 workshop)

Conscious Kink is an intoxicating sensual playground. Like all the best sex, it brings you hurtling into the present moment, entrancing and mesmerizing you. It’s like a powerful spell, invoking you to Be … Here … Now!

CollarFollowing on from The Purple Door, Mesmerized is a compelling weekend where you can explore the erotic delights of Ecstatic BDSM. Here you can discover the rush of power when you have someone completely in your charge and the exhilaration of letting go when you devote yourself to another.

In The Purple Door we taught you the basic skills to do kink right. At Mesmerized we build on those precious basics, giving you a vibrant experience of what’s possible and a host of tools and techniques to bring more intimacy, passion and subtlety to your kinky play. Mesmerized will literally take your breath away!

“A beautiful way to spend a couple of days, and an opening into another way of being with sexuality and relationship.”

It’s so liberating and important to move this facet of (sexual) interaction out of the dark corners of society and into broad daylight.” – Anna

_DSC2434_1_DSC2255 Experience the dizzying heights of pleasure and the potent depths of transformation that are possible through kinky sex.

Join us this March and be Mesmerized by Ecstatic BDSM.

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At Mesmerized we dive deep into conscious kink, exploring its potential for pleasure and transformation. The journey takes place over two compelling, action-packed days. It’s going to look something like this:

Using impact play for emotional release (catharsis)
Negotiation skills
Playing with and controlling the breath
Face slapping & humiliation

The nuances of tone and language (for Dom & for sub)
Cultivating obedience
The ritual of collaring


The weekend ends with an extended play session where you can explore the things you’ve learnt in a lovingly-held ritual space (with great toons as always!)

If you have any questions about the content of Mesmerized, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: faerieandmarti [at] 

Mesmerized is a Level 3 workshop that follows on from The Purple Door. So you should either have attend The Purple Door or have explored BDSM in another context.

If you’re new to Conscious Kink but you’re well travelled in other areas of your sexuality (e.g. you’ve done a 12 to 18 month Tantra training), we can probably include you.

Mesmerized is not suitable for people exploring kink and sexuality for the first time. If you’re a newbie and want a suitable event to attend, please check out Roughin’ It With Frank & Sheila in June.

If you’re not sure whether Mesmerized is for you, please email us (faerieandmarti [at] and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it. 

As Mesmerized is a brand-new workshop, we don’t yet have any testimonials for it. However, this is what people said about The Purple Door:

“I loved the whole concept of The Purple Door – having practised BDSM for many years I knew there was something missing to complete the circle. The Purple Door made me realise what it was – finding it within myself to make an emotional connection with another, now I feel the door has been thrown open wide and I have a whole new journey to go on and I’m excited to do it. The whole experience was nourishing, perfectly delivered and enlightening.” – Amanda

“You know what’s so beautiful, I was as much alive after this weekend as after a Tantra workshop! Conscious kink dives into the same layers with the same intention and even with the same effects. Only through another door (the purple one :)) Amazing!” – Anon

“A chance to explore, play, learn and grow with a community of open-minded individuals, lovingly and skilfully guided with no trace of fluffiness. A powerful introduction to the kinky playground, with a glimpse of the real transformative and transcendent potential of these ritual games.” – Anon

“A relaxing friendly space in which to explore new aspects of intimacy. A wonderfully safe space and supporting tutors, ready to help you develop new aspects of your sexuality.” – Sam

“The combination of being conscious while being kinky totally feels good to me. Also I found again new ways of connecting, surrendering and serving others. Learned more about the right use of tools. A way to discover yourself deeper on different levels and a roller coaster of new and fun ways of connecting with each other. I am so happy and thankful for this weekend! Thank you so much Faerie!” – Silvia

“[I loved] the balance between a very caring atmosphere and a professional yet informal approach to the topics. It made me relax and feel secure.” – Anon

“I left the weekend with so much gratitude. I felt held from a space of love that so was open all weekend. This allowed me to go deep into some of my dark places and move through them. Thank you.” – Anon

“It’s hard to describe The Purple Door in a few sentences. When I’ve been asked about it by friends it has led to a half an hour explanation of how it gave me a sense of aliveness I haven’t experience before. How I felt like my heart was opened, and my soul was allowed to come out and play. How welcome I felt, and how honoured and respected I was. How it gave me a sense of self worth through recognising that I always have my own power to be in, to lend to others, or to care for other people’s. The Purple Door was humbling, heart opening, thrilling, joyful, expansive and inclusive. It is a weekend I will always remember for the opportunity to touch the aliveness that is my birthright.” – Michelle


Mesmerized is led by London Faerie & Marti.

London Faerie & Marti

Find out more about them here >>

See their ratings from previous workshops here >> 

Mesmerized is a full-weekend experience priced as follows:

Regular – £220
Concession – £180
Supportive – £260

The concessionary rate is offered to those who can’t afford to pay the regular price. Please think carefully and only take this rate if you need to: we have a limited number of concessions available for each workshop.

The supportive rate is offered to those who can afford to pay a bit more. By paying the supportive price you enable us to offer an extra concession, a huge gift to those who earn less.

We reserve a small number of places at this workshop on a Pay What You Can basis. This is for those whose circumstances otherwise prohibit them from attending this event. If you would like to attend on this basis please email us: faerieandmarti [at]

Mesmerized takes place at our regular studio in Clapham, South London – the full address is sent to you once you book your place.

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March 2017
10am to 6.30pm each day

Other info
We roughly gender-balance this workshop but we cannot guarantee you’ll always work with someone you’re attracted to. We encourage you to take care of your boundaries if you find yourself paired with someone you don’t fancy, and also to let yourself be surprised by the possibilities of kinky pleasure with someone you might not connect with in other ways.

How to book
The link below takes you to a short booking form where you can reserve and pay for your place(s). Shortly after booking you’ll receive an email with the workshop location and some other basic details. Full info about the workshop is sent out about a week before it takes place.

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