Elaine Young (UK)
A powerful teacher combining Shamanic Breathwork, Sexological Bodywork and Tantra in a unique way

Felix Ruckert (Germany)
One of Europe’s sexuality pioneers, uniquely combining dance, movement and kink

Gayatri / Tantra Massage Training (UK)
A wonderful teacher and practitioner creating Heaven on Earth through Eros

Oxford Tantra Wave (UK)
Beautiful events and workshops in Oxford led by Rupert and Rowan

Queer Hearted (UK)
Queer conscious sex workshops and events led by Amanda Gay-Love

Ruby Luna May (UK, central & northern Europe)
One of Europe’s leading teachers of sexuality & consciousness, an ally and close friend

Sea School of Embodiment (UK)
International sexuality trainings and workshops for personal and professional development

Shakti Malan (worldwide)
A remarkably powerful Tantra teacher from South Africa who tours most of the year

Shakti Tantra (UK)
A UK Tantra school with a particularly powerful women’s programme

The Sound of Birch (UK)
Female empowerment through BDSM, led by SP core team member Marti

Tantra4GayMen (UK)
A UK Tantra school for gay men led by the marvellous Jason & Ingo

Fetish Map (London)
A comprehensive overview of kinky London, for enthusiasts, connoisseurs & newcomers

Kinky Salon (Berlin, Copenhagen, London)
Creative playful sex-positive parties, a great place to express yourself, connect and have fun

LAM & LFF (London)
Monthly fetish markets

Sparkle Hard (London)
London’s newest sex-positive party: “a party to dance, play and spread your sparkle”

The Summerhouse (UK)
A wonderfully playful, creative annual sex-positive retreat for exploring intimacy, connection and self-expression

The Winterhouse (UK)
The winter edition of The Summerhouse, launching in February 2015

Celebration of Life (Czech Republic)
A yummy festival fusing Tantra, biodanza and spiritual growth

Erosphere (Paris)
A playful, anarchic festival exploring the intersection of creativity, self-expression, kink and sex

Osho Leela Conscious Sexuality Festival (Dorset)
The original and much copied Conscious Sexuality festival, curated and led by members of this intense Osho community

Quintasensual (Somerset)
The UK’s first and only queer/inclusive sacred sexuality festival

Tantra4Gay Men festival (Wales)
The UK’s only Tantra festival for gay men, curated and led by Jason & Ingo

Xplore (Berlin, Rome, Copenhagen)
The festival on the art of lust, curated and hosted by Schwelle7 – a remarkable and unique event

Arielle (London)
Intelligent sensitive and sexy London-based Dominant

Avanti (worldwide)
Life-changing psychic coaching over the telephone

Cathryn Jiggens (London)
Excellent Tantric therapist and bodyworker

Claire Black (London)
Co-founder of Ecstatic BDSM: “There are many routes to ecstasy, I’ll take you the dark and dirty one”

Cléo Dubois (San Francisco)
World-class BDSM teacher, initiator and ritualist in San Francisco (also here)

DK Leather (worldwide)
Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Coach with experience in alternative lifestyles (poly, kink, tantra, shaman & LGBTQ)

Jason Tantra (London, Bristol)
Outstanding Tantric massage for men who love men

Kai Helmich (London, Dublin)
Integrating Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit through Life, Intimacy and Somatic Sex Coaching/ Sexological Bodywork

Katie Sarra (Devon)
Sex and relationship therapist, Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra teacher and erotic artist: “Witnessing you in your naturalness”

Kian de la Cour (Devon)
Sex coaching and erotic bodywork

Marti (London)
Outstanding Dominant Courtesan based in London

Magic Hands Massage (London)
Outstanding Tantric and lomi lomi massage

Meredith Reynolds (London)
Somatic sex educator and geeky Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Newman Alexander (London, worldwide)
Empowerment coaching and kinky pleasure in London and beyond

Olivia Fitzgerald (London)
Dominant Courtesan and Travel Companion of brains and beauty

Rebecca Lowrie (London)
Sacred sexual expansion and exploration and conscious kink

Sarah Rose Bright (Liverpool, Manchester & Skype)
Somatic Sex & Pleasure Coaching & Education

Sofia Skydancer (often in London)
Intimate, beautiful heart-centred Tantric Massage

Steph Magenta (Manchester)
Shamanic Tantra & high vibration living

Tania Glyde (London)
Kink, poly and queer friendly psychotherapy and couples counselling

Tara Bliss (London, Bristol)
Erotic escapades and ecstatic encounters

Violet Rose (London, Edinburgh, Berlin)
Old school courtesan with thoroughly modern values

Zoe Valentine (London)
Your illicit, erotic and intimate companion

Bloodwood Accounting (London)
Unusual accounting for creative and sex-positive businesses

Claudia Bites (online)
Excellent blog about sex worker rights and sexual freedom

Doing It Better (zine)
A terrific zine about consent and communication in sex-positive spaces

Escape The Binary (online)
The online home of Hollie Howitt, offering sessions and talks beyond the gender binary

Fettered Pleasures (online)
A well stocked online shop for fetish gear and sex toys

Lipstick Lori (online)
Excellent sex positive blogging

Matt Christie (London)
Outstanding photographer of models and sex workers

Miss Morphic (London)
Videos you don’t want yo Mamma to see

Myles Jackman (London)
Award winning obscenity law advice from the sexual freedoms specialist

Sacred Eros (online)
A select directory for sacred sexuality and tantra sessions, articles and workshops

Sex+ Zine (online)
A sex-positive, inclusive zine

Shokti Lovestar (online)
A deep, heartfelt blog exploring queer mystical emergence (also here)

Vina Green Erotica (online)
Erotic writer of pervy tales

Wilrieke Sophia (Holland)
A rising star of the Dutch conscious sexuality scene, blogging thoughtfully about polyamory and sexual liberation

Ashton Studios (Bristol)
Beautiful dungeon in Bristol

Jack’s Floggers (London / online)
Beautiful and affordable hand-made BDSM toys (order online or buy in person at LAM)

Sh! Womenstore (London)
Women-run sex store with occasional workshops and events

Betty Martin
Betty developed the Wheel of Consent, an outstanding resource for sex and life

Dossie Easton
Psychotherapist, pervert, ethical slut

Fakir Musafar
The original Modern Primitive

Joseph Kramer
Founder of sexological bodywork and the world’s leading teacher of erotic massage

Nancy Kline
Giving people Time To Think for over 15 years

Raven Kaldera
Author and educator around Shamanic BDSM

M. Scott Peck
Demonstrating the strength in our vulnerability

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