Developed by Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie) and Claire Black, Ecstatic BDSM is a powerful and transformative practice. It is a unique infusion of BDSM, shamanic healing, Tantra and personal development. It helps you to expand your bliss and feel more alive; and along the way you get to bring your deepest and darkest fantasies to light.

Individual sessions are an excellent way to experience Ecstatic BDSM in the hands of a skilled practitioner. A session begins with a negotiation of what you want to experience and what you want to get out of it. You can chose from a range of tools to create sensations on your body including floggers, canes, whips, hands, fire, needles, blindfolds, bondage, wax… Then together we build a scene we will both enjoy, creating safe boundaries within which we can play and journey.

Below is a brief introduction to Ecstatic BDSM practitioners Claire Black and Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie). Follow the links to their individual websites to find out more about their unique practices.


Ecstatic BDSM with Claire Black

Claire Black

Claire delights in creating exquisite sensations in your body and taking you to places you never thought possible. She is highly intuitive and will push you, but never further than you want to go.

A session with Claire is a journey you share together, hand in hand, through the dark places to the ecstasy.

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Newman Alexander

London Faerie, purveyor of authentic desireWith over 15 years’ experience in BDSM Newman Alexander is perfectly poised to give you a profound experience of Ecstatic BDSM. He creates a loving, boundaried space where you can explore your kinky desires. With a strong focus on consent and a caring attitude before, during and after the session, Newman takes you there and brings you back safely.

“Light-headed through sheer ecstasy and orgasmic bliss, I barely remember the words I gushed about how amazing the session was, how much it completely exceeded my expectations.” Saskia

Newman’s practice is wide-ranging, drawing from BDSM, shamanic healing, coaching, psychodrama and Tantra.

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