Newman Alexander, empowerment coaching and kinky pleasure in London and beyondNewman Alexander (formerly London Faerie) is the founder and leader of Sacred Pleasures. Newman invites you to step into your power, live your truth and take your place in the world. Their approach is about living and loving with passion and courage while honouring your boundaries and your need for safety. Through this winning combination you learn to live in Empowered Surrender, allowing your untamed spirit to lead the dance so you can joyfully express who you truly are and what you’re here to do.

Newman holds the strategic vision for Sacred Pleasures and is the lead workshop facilitator, often with their teaching partners Marti & Gayatri. They also offer sessions to individuals and couples who want to expand their pleasure, align with their deeper purpose and get more out of life.

In addition to running Sacred Pleasures, Newman curates workshops for The Summerhouse and The Winterhouse. They teach at events and festivals around Europe, including the Osho Leela Festival of Conscious Sexuality (Dorset), Erosphere (Paris), Celebration of Life Festival (Czech Republic) and Xplore (Berlin). They’re the founder of After Pandora, London’s playground for thinking perverts, which he led from 2007 – 2012.

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Marti, co-facilitator at Sacred PleasuresMarti is a woman working in the fields of sexuality, tantra, BDSM and personal development. Her mission is to actively empower human beings to enjoy pleasure and sex, whatever age, gender, nationality or religion they are.

Marti has been working individually with clients since 2010. In her individual sessions she combines a uniquely sensual, playful and profound space where you can let go and relax completely. She does this by bringing you fully ‘to her bosom’ and nurturing you beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Marti has worked with clients in London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo and Prague.

Marti’s gift is to create a profoundly safe and loving, deep and welcoming environment where you can express all of who you are without judgment.

For the last two years Marti has worked closely with London Faerie as workshop assistant and co-facilitator. Until August 2015 Faerie & Marti were partners; now they are close friends and teaching partners. For SP Marti is delighted to co-facilitate many of the workshops and support Faerie with other aspects of the business – in particular, graphic design, music and the socials.

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Gayatri is a Conscious Sexuality practitioner and teacher inspired to support others in a celebratory expression of their sensual and sexual nature. She believes that when we experience pleasure fully, it has a transformative effect, creating more love, awareness and aliveness.

Gayatri is the founder of Heaven on Earth Eros. Heaven on Earth is a state of bliss that is accessible to all of us.  Weaving together bodywork and breathwork, plus teachings and insights from Tantra and personal development, she creates embodied experiences of ecstasy and transformation.

With her love and teaching partner Doug, Gayatri offers regular Tantra Massage Training courses. Awaken to the aliveness of your being through Tantric touch.

<id=”gayatri”>Gayatri is a beloved co-creator at Sacred Pleasures. Working closely with London Faerie, their signature offering Together goes from strength to strength each year. She is a popular teacher at conscious sexuality festivals at Osho Leela and across Europe. As a fully earthbound goddess, Gayatri is known for her refreshingly down-to-earth, joyful, and vibrant approach.

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Profile for websiteBayari has a lifelong love of nourishing others on a physical and soul level. Her passions include creating warm, loving spaces and helping others connect with their true essence.

As a sensual alchemist (formerly a holistic chef), Bayari has moved into the realm of beauty and is the creator of Beauty by Bayari – a unique range of potions for bath, body and soul. Her superpowers are transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and bringing more true beauty into the world.

Bayari also offers a contemporary take on ancient knowledge and rituals and creates blessings that nurture the receiver at a deep soul level. Combined with this, she now offers one to one Tantra massage sessions  – Awakening your Essence.

Bayari works with Sacred Pleasures in a few different roles: as a Workshop Producer, as a Spaceholding Assistant and as a Helper Team Leader. Her relationship continues to evolve as we expand and we are excited for this dynamic ongoing relationship and all the gifts it brings.

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IMG_8891Richard is a jack of all trades with a history in business administration and information services. For the past several years he has foresworn life in a 9-5 office environment and spent his time broadening his skills. As someone who thrives on variety, he now he finds balance by dividing his time between working with his hands in various ways and doing all of our admin.

Most of Richard’s interests lie in making things and working on events. Making some of his living from his leatherwork and other making skills, during the last few years he has also filled various voluntary positions such as Tech Lead for Kinky Salon London and Web Lead for Nowhere Festival.

Richard came to us through the sex positive and kink community. Having done some of our workshops in 2011 he has kept in touch since and jumped at the chance to become one of the SP team.

Santi Santi is an entrepreneur, events producer and all-round superhero of the sex-positive scene. It is unlikely that anything much would happen without him, as he production-manages many of London’s best events. He is the founder and creator of Rumpus, London’s most colourful and entertaining night out.

For Sacred Pleasures, Santi teaches Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) and occasionally calms London Faerie down when he’s a bit overwraught.

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Frank & Sheila, Playfighting at Sacred PleasuresFrank & Sheila are two of Europe’s leading sexuality teachers and the creators of rough body play, a unique style of BDSM that takes things back to the basics in the best possible way. Frank is Germany’s kinkiest martial artist, a philosopher with a wicked glint in his eye and a way of bringing you to the ground and making you horny at the same time. Sheila comes from Vienna but spends as much time as possible having adventures around Europe and being Frank’s partner-in-crime.

Frank & Sheila teach Playfighting and Kinky Kung Fu (rough body play) for Sacred Pleasures.

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SP Alumni

Claire BlackClaire Black is an explorer of the dark corners of the psyche, and was the co-curator and junior partner of Sacred Pleasures from its inception til November 2014 . She embraces dark and dirty sexuality and brings it to light, making the obscene ordinary. She believes people who can express all aspects of their personality, including the less socially acceptable ones, are more healthy and balanced individuals. She believes that we all have thoughts and feelings we are ashamed of, and when we recognise these as human and normal we can accept them and become whole, happy people. It brings her great delight to push people physically, watch the social masks we wear crumble and free the shiny being inside.

Since leaving Sacred Pleasures Claire continues to offer individual sessions in London and across Europe and to teach with other schools, including the School of Erotic Mysteries.

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Annie O, the wonderful SP administratorAnnie O joined Sacred Pleasures as freelance administrator in April 2014. She has a keen interest in the sex-positive scene both privately and professionally and has been exploring the kinky scene for a number of years, both as punter and DJane.

“Sexual liberation has played a big role in my own life, so I’m very keen to support and spread this quiet revolution of breaking down sexual taboos and empowering people to stand up for their desires.”

Her background in banking and hypnotherapy as well as her German origin only have marginal relevance for her work at Sacred Pleasures, but being a numbers-person by heart, she enjoys the opportunity of living out her fetish for spreadsheets and having nerd-offs with Faerie.

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IMG_9476-editDonna is a serial adventurer hailing from sunny South Africa. She ditched her 9-5 lifestyle in 2011, sold everything she owned and now follows the call of her heart (and good wifi signal). She’s rooted back in Cape Town now and gets to feed her admin fetish by supporting SP and other creatives as a freelance administrator.

Donna has a passion and love for people, using humour, playfulness and authentic wholeheartedness as a means to connect and grow. Over the past few years she’s been on a magical, transformative journey through music, conscious dance, Tantra and plant medicines. This led her to spend 6 months in London, where she arrived a closet pervert, met Faerie and indulged in all sorts of delightful adventures at SP.

Now she’s back in South Africa, Donna stays connected to SP by handling all of our admin, as well as jumping at every opportunity to enlighten her community to the health benefits of a good flogging. In addition Donna works one-to-one with people, offering heart-focused sessions that combine her true love Sacred Cacao with sensory-stimulating body de-armouring.