At The Threshold

Sat 24th June – Sun 25th June
Clapham, London

It’s time for something new.

Visioned by SP founder London Faerie in the Peruvian jungle and grounded into the real in collaboration with core team member Gayatri, At the Threshold is an event unlike any other.

At The Threshold is a unique one-time only happening that runs continuously for twenty-four hours this June.

Part pressure-cooker for personal transformation, part social experiment, part interactive performance, part sexy celebration and part mystery, we invite you to journey with us through the day, into the night and out through the other side.

Make friends with the unknown
The future is not only unknown, but unknowable. We just never really know what’s going to happen until we get there.

Threshold 1Yet we often limit our lives with fears of the future as we think we know how it’s all going to turn out, based on what happened in the past.

At The Threshold we revel in the not-knowing. Sitting in this place we can acknowledge the great mystery that shapes life, allowing us to surrender and welcome grace.

Above all, living in tune with spirit is a practice of surrendering to the unknown. As you sit At The Threshold, you live this fully for twenty-four hours … allowing yourself not to know and maybe even learning to enjoy it!

For us, this event represents a moment of not knowing. Without clear plans for the future, we sit At The Threshold with you full of curiosity, with some fear and trepidation and hugely excited by the potential held in this void.

Do you dare to let go of the known and step into the unknown with us?

Join us for an adventure unlike anything else we’ve offered before. Join us At The Threshold. It could just change your life … and at the very least it’ll be a fascinating experience!

Be part of an experiment in authentic living
Let’s face it… you’ve been to workshops before. You’ve made progress, chipped away at those bits of yourself that you want to change, you’ve had moments of breakthrough and you’ve even had mind-blowing epiphanies.

And you know that there is more. More of you to share in the world, more of you to express, more of you to be integrated into your every day existence.

Threshold (definition)
“the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.” Oxford English Dictionary

What’s it be like to live the fullest, most authentic version of you for a whole twenty-four hours? How can you step over the threshold of your personal growth into a new level of being?

There are probably parts of you that you are really happy showing to others and parts of you that don’t usually allow to be revealed. What happens when all of you – the best and the worst – is witnessed by others?

Connect with the Power of Community
None of us are on this journey of life alone. Yes we each have our unique strengths, challenges, and desires. We all have our individual path to walk, in our own shoes. And we are inexorably entangled with the world around us. We are influenced and shaped by it, whether we like it or not.

We cannot escape being part of society, yet we can consciously choose our community. Sacred Pleasures has garnered a potent community of personal growth adventurers and sex positive explorers. When we walk the path in good company, it becomes easier, more pleasurable.

As we reach the end of seven exhilarating years of Sacred Pleasures, we look back in celebration and look forward with curiosity at our next life cycle.

The number seven has long been associated with spiritual awareness and mysticism; from the seven Heavens to the seven Deadly Sins, from the seven Chakras to the seven Dwarves. It is also the number of the “Collective Consciousness”, reflecting humanity’s deep inner need to find depth, purpose, meaning and connection.

It’s darkest just before dawn

Into the night we go we go

Image © 2017 Jillian Lotti, used with permission

At this time, when the world seems to be spiralling into chaos, coming together in community and celebration is an act of insurgence.

At the Threshold takes place close to the Summer Solstice, when the day is longest and night shortest. In the city it’s easy to become disconnected from the cycle of the seasons and the movement of life. As we journey together through the night, we can uncover the potential in the depths of the darkness and harness it to propel us forward into a newly imagined future.

In keeping with the core theme of “surrendering to the unknown” the event will not be fixed to a specific format and is evolving as we go. Here are some of the words we are inspired by, which will go into the formation of the event:

Death & Rebirth
Animal instincts
Liminal spaces
The unknown
The mystery
Body fluids

And being a Sacred Pleasures event, you can be absolutely sure that the event’s veins will be pumping with our lifeblood: boundaries, desires, authentic communication, vulnerability and intimacy.

This is an event to step into with curiosity and a sense of wonder. There’ll be times when we’ll have a plan and times when we’ll flying by the seat of our hotpants. Join us as we journey into the unknown and find out what’s possible.

Of one thing you can be sure: with Faerie & Gayatri at the helm, there’s bound to be a lot of magic!

At The Threshold is led by Faerie & Gayatri, the dream-team behind Together NYE.


London Faerie & Gayatri

Gayatri is one of our lead facilitators.
Find out more about her here >>

Faerie is the founder and curator of SP.
Find out more about them here >>

You are a curious seeker and conscious explorer… You sense that not everything can be known or understood from where you are currently standing and you are ready to step into the unknown and see what’s there…. Your inner control freak struggles with the idea “not knowing” yet you are courageously willing to let it go for twenty-four hours… You yearn for a safe and sacred space to come out and play…

At The Threshold is a Multi-Level event, which means it’s suitable for people at all levels of experience. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and a willingness to learn and discover.

At The Threshold is open to people of any gender and orientation. If you come on your own you’re invited to work with different people throughout the event. If you come with a lover or partner, or with lovers or partners, you’re invited to work with them as much as you want – and if you wish sometimes to work separately, that’s also welcomed.

In brief, you’re welcomed whatever your prior experience, relationship status, sexual orientation, gender or age (as long as you are over 18).

At The Threshold is a continuous twenty-four hour immersive experience. You need to commit to attending it from start to finish.

Sat 24th June, 2.15 – 2.45pm

The event:
Sat 24th June, 3pm – Sun 25th June, 3pm

Sun 25th June, 3 – 3.30pm

At The Threshold is an experiment in being together for twenty-four hours. We don’t plan on sleeping much, though there will be a place to rest when you need to. Be prepared for a ride!

For this unique event and celebration of Sacred Pleasures, we are offering a pricing structure that celebrates and honours your engagement with our work.

The price you pay is determined by when you first attended Sacred Pleasures.

In 2010 – £100
In 2011 – £110
In 2012 – £120
In 2013 – £130
In 2014 – £140
In 2015 – £150
In 2016 – £160
In 2017 – £170
Never been to SP – £180

In this case “first attended” means the first time you came to a workshop or event, not including socials.

We reserve a small number of places on a Pay What You Can basis. This is for those whose circumstances would otherwise prohibit them from attending this event. If you would like to attend on this basis please email faerie [at] sacredpleasures [dot] co [dot] uk.

At The Threshold takes place at our usual venue in Clapham, South London. You get the address and other info when you complete your booking.

A few words about gender
At our workshops we aim to have a good balance of people across the gender spectrum. This includes those who are gender-queer, gender-fluid, trans or otherwise gender-identified.

The exercises and activities we invite you to participate in are never gendered and we don’t emphasize or reinforce ideas on how men, women or others are supposed to behave. Instead we create a space where you can discover what you want and how you want to express it according to your desires and preferences.

We ask all participants to bring awareness about their assumptions concerning gender and sexual orientation.

One assumption we sometimes meet in workshops is this: as a straight male participant, you’ll always partner with a female participant and you have the right to express consternation if that doesn’t happen. We do not support this assumption and we never guarantee the gender of the person you’ll be working with in any exercise.

That said, we encourage you to take care of your boundaries at all times if you find yourself paired with someone you’re not normally intimate with or aren’t attracted to. At the same time we encourage you to let yourself be surprised by the intimacy and connection that’s possible when you drop certain assumptions.

In brief: please come with an open mind, don’t assume anything and stay within your boundaries

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