Together NYE

a glorious celebration of belonging, connection and play
guided by London Faerie & Gayatri
(Level 3 workshop)

Friday 30th Dec 2016 to Sunday 1st Jan 2017
Clapham, London

The great thing about workshops is how safe you feel
The great thing about play parties is how free you feel
The great thing about Together is … both

We long to be together, to belong, to care for each other and to live in harmony. As we reach the end of the most difficult and turbulent year in living memory, Faerie & Gayatri invite you to reconnect with the feeling of being Together.

We do this by exploring a simple and potent question: how can I belong in a group and still remain true to myself?

“A weekend in a sex-positive Narnia. It was an opportunity to experience and experiment what it’s like to be ourselves and belong” – Anon

New Year's Eve celebration in LondonTogether NYE is our unique signature event. It combines the safe holding of a workshop, the flirty deliciousness of sex-positive social time and the dynamic freedom of a play party. It’s the perfect antidote to a world on the brink of falling apart.

Together is a glorious three-day celebration of intimacy, connection, belonging and play. This year we’ll stage it right across the New Year, allowing you to shed what you don’t need anymore and enter 2017 refreshed and invigorated.

Come Together and remember how it feels to live in love, deep acceptance and community.

“I came with high expectations: of transcendence and magic. It was more than that. We became a group experiencing what it truly means to be human.” – Karl

“A magical place that allows everyone’s authentic self to shine through and be witnessed and nurtured.” – Ash

Come Together for New Year!

Friday (“Shedding & letting go“) – 12 noon to 9pm
On Friday we meet the others in the group and discover what we need to shed to complete 2016. The day concludes with clearing rituals to prepare us to welcome in the New Year.

Saturday (“Juicing up & calling in“) – 12 noon to 2am
Saturday is dedicated to exploring, connecting and expanding. It’s a space for letting our armour down gently and discovering what excites us right now. The day is structured and held to ensure that you feel really safe to open up.

Then there’s a space for sharing and setting intentions before we move into “The Prayer”: a glorious 6-hour play party where we celebrate the New Year as only we know how!

Sunday (“Integration”) – 2pm to 8pm
After the expansion of New Year’s Eve we come back together for some gentle integration time to complete the journey. This is a chance to gather everything you’ve received and take it with you into 2017. It’s a day for making sure that the gifts from this event go with you into your life – and perhaps a chance for that last cheeky kiss or caress before this temporary community dissipates.

Together is a Level 3 (Intermediate) event and is aimed at those with some experience working with conscious sexuality, BDSM or personal growth. You’ve probably attended workshops with Sacred Pleasures or elsewhere, or explored your sexuality in another way.

Together is not suitable for people who are brand-new in all these areas. If you’re a newbie and want a suitable event to attend, please check out The Purple Door on 5/6 Nov or Shibari with Santi on 26 & 27 Nov.

If you’re not sure whether Together is for you, please email Faerie (faerie @ sacredpleasures . co . uk) or Gayatri (gayatri @ sacredpleasures . co . uk) and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it.

“I loved being able to go on a journey with others in a safe and open environment, exploring what it feels like to be an individual in a group, how to communicate openly and how this feels … letting go to come together in a caring and beautiful space.” – Katy

“It was liking lifting the veil on how a group could drop into love in one weekend…” – Anon

“I just want to thank everyone again for your immense generosity on every level – the ‘togetherness’ of the experience was so heart-opening and really what made it different from anything remotely similar that I might have experienced before. Thank you for seeing me, as I am, without my feeling that I had to be anything other than myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Wendy

“I liked being in the well-held space. I felt safe to explore my sexual and emotional growing edge in a spirit of love and respect, with a group of like=minded people who all chose to come together as a temporary community. It worked because it felt held and safe and I could trust that all the people present would share the same values and rule of engagement.” – Anon

“I’ve really enjoyed the landing and have been feeling so loving to you all. I actually feel on a soft high rather than a drop. Yesterday I spent the day in excitement and slight venerability in the prospect that I might meet some of you and explore further.” – Robin

“Something had been stirred up from this event, the meaning I gave to it, the magic of it, the mastery of the holding, in its truth and nakedness and sense of the sacred pleasure so imbibing each moment and each touch.

“It’s one of those occasions for me where you are not looking for love but it hits you in a new kind of form… and afterwards you have to admit somewhere in your mind that it was real and so your picture of the world has to shift and after the dark night and after the thrashing feeling of pain in my body rebelling against all the constraints I have imposed over so many years, I have the sweetest pleasure of admitting that these things are possible.'” – Sofia

Together NYE is led by SP founder London Faerie and core team member Gayatri.

London Faerie & Gayatri

Gayatri by Faerie
I adore Gayatri. She embodies a profound and important wisdom that we’ve lost along the way: that pleasure is sacred and that sex is the sacredest pleasure of all. She lives this with incredible ease and grace, inspiring others through her relaxed, shame-free naturalness and her juicy presence. Her infectious laugh is at once bawdy and divine, delightfully expressing the sensual being that she is.

Gayatri has an elegant way of sensing the flow and joyfully following it. She’s aware of what the situation wants, happy to surrender to the moment and gently steer when needed. She thinks quickly on her feet, is always open to new ideas and has a big bag full of structures we can fall back on.

This makes co-facilitating with Gayatri a particular joy, as Together is a playful improvisation from start to finish. The event has a basic shape and we create the content in response to the group’s needs.

On a more personal level, Gayatri is a dear friend, a soul sister and a greatly-valued colleague. She’s someone I can confide in, who listens without judgement and who offers her wisdom and insight with clarity and compassion. With each year that passes both our friendship and our working relationship grow stronger, deeper and more effortless.

I’m immensely excited to be co-creating with Gayatri at the end of this challenging and turbulent year.

Faerie by Gayatri
Of all the amazing people I know, no-one has a greater desire to push the edges of potential than London Faerie. They are on a constant quest to stretch and grow in their personal development, and to innovate and expand in their professional life. It makes for a challenging and exhilarating space to co-create within. Working with Faerie continuously inspires me to new heights and invites me to new depths.

I remember at last year’s Together when we had the inklings of an entirely new concept for the Saturday night session. I was baffled as to how the various threads of ideas were all going to come together. But with great gusto and a nod to their theatre background, Faerie wove those threads into an scintillating ‘performance’ concept. The creativity and juiciness of the evening not only offered profound moments to the participants but also spawned a new play space that has carried on since the event.

On a more personal note, Faerie is a valued friend, trusted confidente, beloved brother, and respected peer all rolled into one. Our friendship continues to evolve more deep and loving, bright and beautiful with each shared experience.

I already feel greatly blessed that I do work I love. The fact that I’m doing it over new year with one of my dearest friends is absolutely the salted caramel icing on the cake of 2016.

This is Faerie & Gayatri’s fourth Together and we are very excited to take you into 2017 with it!

Find out more about Faerie & Gayatri here

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Together NYE is open to individuals, couples and polycules.

Together takes place at a beautiful studio in Clapham, South London – the full address is sent to you once you book your place.

Dates & times:
The workshop takes place across New Years with timings as follows:

Friday 30th December, 12 noon – 9pm
Saturday 31st December, 12 noon – 2am*
Sunday 1st January 2017, 2pm – 8pm

Together NYE is a complete journey and you need to be there from start to finish – it’s not possible to attend in part. We also recommend against planning a big night out on the Friday, as this will take away from your experience of participating in the event.

Note:Together NYE is not residential.

Regular: £220
Supportive: £250
Returner: £200
Concession: £180
Helper: £90

The supportive rate is for those who can afford it and enables us to offer more concessions.

The concessionary rate is for those who earn less.

The returner rate is for anyone who attended Together previously or has attended 3 or more SP workshops in the last 2 years.

The helper rate is for offered to those on low-income who can offer practical support with set-up before, tidy-up during and take-down after the event. Each helper works part-time during the event and gets a reduced price place at the event in exchange. If you are interested in helping at Together NYE, please say this in your application.

Other practical info, including the exact address, what to wear and what to bring, is sent to you once your place is confirmed.

How to book:
The link below takes you to a short application form where you can apply to attend

Apply to attend Together