Rather than telling you what we think SP is all about, we’d rather let the community speak for itself. So here’s a sample of what people said about us in the recent Community Survey (Dec 14 – Jan 15). As usual, many prefer to remain anonymous so we’ve only added names when we’ve had permission to do so.

A wild, loving, nurturing, liberating, sensual, sexual, kinky community to connect deeply and intimately. A place to be at home, to be myself, to challenge our perceptions and grow in the process. A place to emerge, to shine, to ask for and learn how to receive, or not, and to support others to shine too, in whatever colours they desire. – Becky

The existence of Sacred Pleasures in itself is wonderful and necessary. It has brought great joy to my life and allowed my glimpses of the way I hope I may one day be able to live my life: present, in touch with my desires, and in community. I can’t thank you enough!

An overall and repeated sense of feeling accepted, loved and supported for who i am, with my dark sides and struggles as well as my joys. and witnessing that unconditional care dispensed to others too. – Melanie

Connecting conscious sexuality with creativity and spirituality, and a good place to meet other life seekers.

A way of connecting deeply with a community of like-minded souls exploring the sacred and succulent realms of sexuality.

A place where non-mainstream ideas can be explored and where freaks and weirdoes like me can feel they belong.

A great community of lovely, inspiring, like-minded yet very diverse people.

A heart centred kinky community inspiring authentic expression

Somewhere I feel uniquely safe and accepted; somewhere I can explore the areas of sacred sexuality and conscious kink; a unique and much-needed organisation; somewhere to find healing; somewhere I can meet likeminded people (and partners!).

At Sacred Pleasures I feel held and safe, prerequisites for me to take the risks which enable me to grow my comfort zone by playing in the stretch zone. I love the genuinely accepting, non-judgmental, loving ethos of all SP events – it’s a very precious resource. – Chris

An opportunity to feel my way into things I always thought would remain in my head for the rest of my life

A place to sink deeply into who I am and be fully accepted. Where we can explore sexuality in whatever way is right for each of us.

SP workshops & events feel like luxurious, meaningful and gorgeous gifts to myself. Inner most wounds have begun to heal and stifled parts of myself have begun to blossom. I feel I have been able to embody things I have known only in my head. I feel whole and connected – Siobhan

Atmosphere, honest and safe but so saucy!!

Informative and pleasurable workshop spaces and play places for an array of wonderful people, facilitated with heart and wisdom.

A place of fun learning about the lesser-explored parts of human relationship and sexuality. It’s a place of non-judgement, love and community. SP balances spirituality with grounded humanistic concepts, delivers outstanding workshops, creates spaces for fun, passes on knowledge and inspires me to explore and learn more. – Neil