I want to thank you for the way in which your beautiful work has enriched my life and my deeper sense of self. I am beginning something new and ecstatic with someone and the techniques you imbued in me of holding and holding space for the other have been super present. Thank you for teaching me how to magnify the forces of human connection, trust, and deep profound care. I thought i was coming to you to learn safe play techniques, but actually you have helped me to live and love more deeply. You reminded me how to love and be truly present. – Michael

The absence of the Male Gaze at this event was really quite extraordinary. I felt like I’d been transported to another realm where the women were Goddesses and the men’s adoration of them held no violence, only a desire to be close to the women and adore them.

The energy of sexuality was not even the strongest vibration present, for me. Acceptance was. As a woman for whom sexual abuse is an issue, I found nothing challenging or even remotely threatening in the field. The work that has been done further down the river to create and hold boundaries has created a culture where safety is a given. I neither felt excluded from the field, nor forced to participate. I have been giving a lot of space to the joyful notion of ‘neutral’ recently, and felt that this event had an air of comfortable neutrality as well as enticing invitation.

Seeing the energy of acceptance in action really was something special. – Avanti Shivpuri

Our programme of workshops are the heart of our offering. On this page we give you an overview of the Four Levels of work we offer.

Level One
Level One courses are talks, salons and classes designed to give you a taste of what we offer. These are clothes-on events with relatively low levels of participation, where we take you by the hand and lead you into the treasure chest of our core interests: creative relating, Ecstatic BDSM, finding your deep true desire and shadow work.

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A series of talks that explore the core themes of our work: discovering your authentic desire, BDSM with love and relating your own way.

A linked pair of evening classes exploring relationships. We believe you can create the relationships you want in every area of your life, and this class is a great place to start learning how to do so.

A gentle intro where you can explore ceremonial cacao (sacred chocolate) and gentle nurturing touch in a safe held space.

This perennially-popular one-day workshop gives you a grounding in the art of Shibari (Japanese rope bondage). Santi’s friendly, down-to-earth style focusses on making Shibari accessible and giving you the skills you need to do it at home.

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Level Two
Level Two courses involve more participation and are usually more tactile. They are experiential intro courses where you can begin to explore yourself, discover what you want and see how you relate to others. We place a big emphasis on setting boundaries and staying safe in these classes: you only ever go as far as you’re comfortable and your limits are sometimes stretched but never broken.

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Two one-day workshops across a weekend, exploring different aspects of Ecstatic BDSM. You can attend Day 1, Day 2 or both – and the weekend culminates in some free time to explore your new found skills.

A weekend workshop exploring the foundations of deep connection. Here you learn how taking care of your boundaries, expressing your desires and allowing yourself to be vulnerable help you to deepen the intimacy between you and others.

Two marvellous weekend workshops led by Frank T Khani & Sheila Crux. In Playfighting you explore how fighting with each other can be fun and playful. In Kinky Kung Fu you learn ways to dominate someone physically in ways that are both exciting and sexy. The focus in both courses is on technique and safety so you can explore getting rough without hurting each other.

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Level Three
Level Three courses are for people who’ve had a taste and want more. Still safely-held and remaining conscious of your boundaries, we invite you to take a deeper look at what brings you pleasure and what stops you from receiving it, and teach you how to open up to more.

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Our flagship event brings together everything we love. It’s a journey into being yourself in all its shades and colours, a profound experience where you get to be more fully yourself and belong at the same time. This exquisite two-and-a-half-day workshop ends with a 4-hour play party, where you can revel in everything that you are.

Our new event for 2015 explores the power of sacred chocolate as an heart-opening aphrodisiac. In this event we begin with a sackful of ceremonial cacao and end with a play party or intimate ritual. What happens in between is up to Lady Cacao, with Faerie & Marti as guides to ensure that things flow beautifully.

A new workshop developed by SP founder London Faerie with internationally-acclaimed sexuality teacher Ruby May. This workshop explores Dominance & Submission as a path to personal growth and self-empowerment.

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Level Four
Level Four is the most advanced work we offer: intensives, retreats and ongoing groups. Here we bring everything together, leaving no stone unturned on the journey to empowerment and profound self-knowledge. Level Four workshops take you deeper and transform anything that’s holding you back from realising your potential as a human being.

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Brand new for 2015, we take our flagship event Together and turn it into a sex-positive holiday! We’ll spend six days together exploring shadow healing, community, togetherness and being ‘away from it all’. This exquisite retreat happens in the beautiful Welsh countryside and ends with an all-day play party where you can revel in everything that you are.

In this powerful intensive we explore BDSM as a tool for deep healing and transformation. Over the course of a few days you’re taught the skills you need to hold space for each other, and on the last day we guide you to create rituals for each other that bring together everything you’ve learnt. Not for the faint-hearted!

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