Statement from Newman Alexander

I have received considerable feedback and criticisms of me and my behaviour, to which I want to respond in public.

Having reflected on all that has been shared with me, I agree and accept that over the past 10 years I have behaved badly and committed a number of unacceptable acts, including consent violations, sexual as well as more general; bullying and intimidating verbal behaviour; taking advantage of leadership and power positions; and unsafe sex practices. Many of these acts have hurt and injured people, and probably caused lasting damage.

In response to this feedback and the full realisation of my responsibility, I'm immediately stepping back from working as a conscious sexuality facilitator, event organiser, sex worker and sexuality coach. All forthcoming events will be cancelled: The Garden in NZ, The Purple Door in the UK and Denmark and Dancing in the Dark in the UK. Everyone who has booked places at these events will receive a full refund. 

I am very sorry for the ways I have behaved and the harm and damage that I have caused.  I am very grateful to those who have brought my behaviour to light and made me reconsider my position in the community.

I can never take back the hurtful and abusive things that I've done. I feel very sad that I have done so much harm and behaved in wrong ways that have resulted in people being hurt, with in many cases lasting effects.

I will be working on myself with a therapist and seeking the advice of mentors and elders. In order to survive, I will continue to work, but only in other arenas and outside of the community.