Individual Sessions

The Sacred Pleasures team also offer individual sessions to help you expand your sexuality and step into your power.


Gayatri - Heaven on earth eros

Celebrating our sensual and sexual nature – without shame and with full self-love – is the key to experiencing a happier, fuller, more exciting, more energised, more fulfilling, more pleasurable life and ultimately more spiritual life.

Yes… I really did say spiritual! Nowhere is there more potential to experience ‘Heaven on Earth’ than through our sexuality. Nowhere is there more shame, confusion, ignorance or dissatisfaction.

I have a vision of creating Heaven on Earth through each of us experiencing the fullest and most loving expression of ourselves. I am inspired to support you in a shameless expression of your sensual and sexual nature in order to create more love and awareness in your life.

Being in our bliss is a heavenly place to be!


Marti - the sound of birch

The Sound of Birch is an empowering platform to nurture every woman’s power. It’s a safe and thrilling haven where women meet in kind honesty to understand more about themselves. It’s a safe environment to share and explore with other women and nourish ourselves in sisterhood.

Through exploring and facilitating within the field of BDSM for last years, I am shown repeatedly that these are the perfect tools and metaphors for personal empowerment.  Its wide range of possibilities allow you to be playful, creative and daring. You are encouraged to take off your masks, connect with vulnerability, surrender and find out what is stopping you to trust and be in flow. You’ll also find new masks and discover how it feels to be in charge, allow your strength to shine and accept there might be limitations which are preventing you from being in control of your life. 


Newman Alexander: liberate your sexuality, transform your life

What are your hopes and aspirations and what holds you back? 
Where do you struggle for control when you'd do better to let go?
What's possible when you find the courage to go beyond your comfort zone?

Your sexuality holds the key to astonishing reserves of energy and power you didn't know you had. For the past seven years Newman has supported scores of people to step into their personal power and find deeper surrender by liberating their sexuality.

Newman offers coaching and mentoring, BDSM training and kinky pleasure sessions. Step onto your personal journey of liberation and transformation and find out what's possible when you give yourself permission to live your fullness.