Image credit: Marti

Image credit: Marti


Sacred Pleasures is more than a place to learn and play: it’s also a community of whole-hearted, open-minded, sex-positive people. Every 2-3 months we hold a social, a place to welcome you whether you’re brand-new to SP or you’ve been coming for years. 

SP Socials are relaxed, friendly spaces where you can hang out, mingle and get to know each other without too much structure around it. They’re a perfect place to get to know each other a bit better and also an ideal place for newbies to find out a bit more about our workshops and our wonderful community. 

Who can attend socials?
We welcome everyone to our socials, from Sacred Pleasures veterans to newbies dipping a tentative toe. If you’re curious, or have a friend who is, do come along and meet us — we’re a warm and friendly bunch.

Socials are open to those who’ve attended SP events and workshops and those who haven’t. We aim to have 1/3rd lovers (regular SP members), 1/3rd friends (those who’ve attended once or twice before) and 1/3rd newbies. This balance works well for everyone, allowing people to feel the SP vibe while also meeting new friends.

We particularly encourage existing community members to bring their friends to socials so they can meet us and see how warm and friendly our community really is.

Why does it cost money to attend a social?
Unlike workshops, which are our bread & butter, socials are designed to be community events which no-one makes money from. However there is always a cost involved in putting on events: the administration to put them online, the cost of food and drink on the day, a small contribution to our hosts and other bits and pieces. The money you pay to attend the social goes to covering these costs.

After each social we sometimes have a little bit left over, and that’s added to the SP Social Fund. This is a fund we use to donate money to a relevant cause or offer it as a bursary for members of the community to attend sex-positive workshops or events – either ours or others’.

When and where is the next social?
In 2017 our socials happened at the home of Tony & Sarah, two of our longest-standing community members. Their place is near Hackney Central in East London - full details are emailed to you when you book your place(s). We have now had our last social for 2017, but we will be back early next year with our first 2018 social.

If you have any questions about SP Socials please email us: socials [at] sacredpleasures [dot] co [dot] uk