Sacred Pleasures

Take The Reins

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Female Erotic Leadership
Led by Marti

2 & 3 December | London
Level 1 workshop

Become the authentically dominant woman you’ve always dreamed of being. Join Marti at her first solo workshop in London, an exhilarating journey into female erotic leadership.

With her new carefully-tailored workshop only for women*, Marti offers a daring journey into the depths of power and surrender, using BDSM as a tool of empowerment.

What are your patterns surrounding control, leadership, compassion, vulnerability and boundaries? What situations make you give up or withdraw power and how is that affecting your everyday interactions with others?

Take The Reins is an invitation to take life into your own hands and take responsibility for your boundaries, pleasure and wellbeing.

* 'women': anyone who lives in the world as a woman and also those who are non-binary and gender fluid but find themselves subject to the challenges associated with being read as female in the world.

Take The Reins launches in early October. To get updates about this exciting new workshop, please join our mailing list.

Take The Reins is a co-production of Sacred Pleasures and The Sound of Birch.