Newman Alexander (Formerly London Faerie)

Newman Alexander is the founder and leader of Sacred Pleasures. Newman invites you to step into your power, live your truth and take your place in the world. Their approach is about living and loving with passion and courage while honouring your boundaries and your need for safety. Through this winning combination you learn to live in Empowered Surrender, allowing your untamed spirit to lead the dance so you can joyfully express who you truly are and what you’re here to do.

Newman holds the strategic vision for Sacred Pleasures and is the lead workshop facilitator, sometimes solo and sometimes in partnership with other facilitators. They also offer sessions to individuals and couples who want to expand their pleasure and align with their deeper purpose to get more out of life.

In addition to running Sacred Pleasures, Newman co-curates The Summerhouse Weekend and teaches at events and festivals around Europe, including Osho Leela Sex to Spirit Gathering (Dorset), Erosphere (Paris), Celebration of Life and the Art of Being Festival (Czech Republic) and Xplore Festivals (Berlin, Copenhagen & Rome). They’re the founder of After Pandora, London’s playground for thinking perverts, which they led from 2007 – 2012.



Marti is a passionate and experienced facilitator in the field of sexuality, working internationally since 2010 and currently based in London. She loves to create spaces where we can explore our depths and our limits, preferably by having a really great time.

Her new invitation is for women to bring what we learn in the bedroom into everyday life. The kinky skills that we develop give us a route into the delicate art of power dynamics which are at constant play in all human interactions. This is a chance for us to be more in charge of our lives, no longer compromising on who we are and what we want. Marti’s personal story sits firmly behind her work and inspires other to contribute to the world with their power and their vulnerability, their wisdom and their authenticity.

From 2013 - 2015 Marti worked closely with Newman as workshop assistant and co-facilitator. From 2015 - 2017 she co-facilitated many workshops with Newman and supported the business with graphic design, music and the socials. This year Marti launched her new enterprise, The Sound of Birch, which supports women to step into their power through exploring their erotic dominance and leadership. We are delighted to co-produce Marti's first solo weekend workshop, Take The Reins, in London this December.



Gayatri is a Conscious Sexuality practitioner and teacher who supports others in a celebratory expression of their sensual and sexual nature. She believes that when we experience pleasure fully, it has a transformative effect, creating more love, awareness and aliveness.

Gayatri is the founder of Heaven on Earth Eros. Heaven on Earth is a state of bliss that is accessible to all of us.  Weaving together bodywork and breathwork, plus teachings and insights from Tantra and personal development, she creates embodied experiences of ecstasy and transformation.

Gayatri offers regular Tantra Massage Training courses, where you can awaken to the aliveness of your being through Tantric touch.

Gayatri is a co-creator at Sacred Pleasures. Working closely with Newman, their signature offering Together goes from strength to strength each year. She is a popular teacher at conscious sexuality festivals at Osho Leela and across Europe. As a fully earthbound goddess, Gayatri is known for her refreshingly down-to-earth, joyful, and vibrant approach.



Richard is a jack of all trades with a history in business administration and information services. For the past several years he has foresworn life in a 9-5 office environment and spent his time broadening his skills. As someone who thrives on variety, he now he finds balance by dividing his time between working with his hands in various ways and working in events admin, including doing all of our administrative tasks.

Most of Richard’s interests lie in making things and working on events. Making some of his living from his leatherwork and other making skills, during the last few years he has also worked on such events as Kinky Salon London, The Summer House Weekend and Nowhere Festival.

Richard came to us through the sex positive and kink community. Having done some of our workshops in 2011 he has kept in touch since and jumped at the chance to become one of the SP team.

SP Alumni

Claire Black

Sir Claire Black

Claire Black was co-curator and junior partner of Sacred Pleasures from 2010 – 2014. Since leaving she has been developing other aspects of her work and interests: offering 1-to-1 sessions as a professional Dominatrix, teaching BDSM skills to small groups, creating kinky porn clips, mentoring sex-workers and running a beautiful atmospheric play space in North London.

She has also contributed to the running of The Summer House, taught and produced workshops for The School of Erotic Mysteries and Queer Hearted and is a member of the UK Urban Tantra Professional Training Programme team.

To find out more about Claire’s BDSM sessions visit her website at