Testimonials from workshops

Lady Cacao

“It’s a loving sensual workshop that uses the spirit of Cacao to open up a loving sexual and mildly kinky exploration of myself and the other spirits in the group. I loved the partner work in the morning and liked the gentle loving buzz that the cacao provided – love the fact that there was no sense of being out of control or any drug like downer afterwards. I found the cacao opened a loving space with the group and the individuals I was working with very quickly which was lovely.”


“Something had been stirred up from this event, the meaning I gave to it, the magic of it, the mastery of the holding, in its truth and nakedness and sense of the sacred pleasure so imbibing each moment and each touch.

It’s one of those occasions for me where you are not looking for love but it hits you in a new kind of form… and afterwards you have to admit somewhere in your mind that it was real and so your picture of the world has to shift and after the dark night and after the thrashing feeling of pain in my body rebelling against all the constraints I have imposed over so many years, I have the sweetest pleasure of admitting that these things are possible.” – Sofia


Old Skin New Skin

"I feel different. I can feel changes and transformations developing within me, some happy and comfortable, some feeling more uncomfortable, but all welcome. I feel more present in the world and in myself" - Emma

Purple Door

“It was a wonderful grounding in the basics of D/s that no one should attempt play without. As always with Sacred Pleasures events, I learned and experienced unexpected things, even on a topic I thought I already knew a lot about.”



“More taboo than sex, intimacy is the most avoided theme of our human lives. And yet it is the most deeply desired, and the most important contribution to the relationships that we have with ourselves, and with others. Intimately, the workshop, provided a space to delve deeply and gently into intimacy in a way that felt real, raw and held. It opened my heart and my eyes to what I have been missing. I won't be letting this fullness of connection be a mystery to me anymore.” – Michelle