Sacred Pleasures

Together // Forever

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Community, belonging & play
Led by Gayatri & Newman

27 - 29 October | London
Level 2 workshop

The great thing about a workshop is how safe you feel.
The great thing about a play party is how free you feel.
The great thing about Together is … both!

It’s time to come Together one last time! For the last four years we’ve gathered annually for this intimate, sex-positive celebration of All That You Are. As Sacred Pleasures goes into its next evolution, Newman and Gayatri invite you to join us for a final exhilarating three-day edition of our signature event: Together // Forever.

This is the place where you can welcome yourself in all your shades and colours: your courage and your vulnerability, your depth and your silliness, your tender and your tough, your kinky and your vanilla. Over the course of two structured days (Friday & Saturday) we support you to shed what isn’t serving you and open up to love and intimacy. Then on Sunday you get a full day to explore and play together, expressing your desires freely in the knowledge that everyone can take care of their boundaries.

It was liking lifting the veil on how a group could drop into love in one weekend
— participant (Dec 2014)

At this breathtaking event you can
•    experience a deeper sense of belonging as you’re welcomed just as you are
•    open up to your depth and subtlety
•    push your boundaries by daring to ask for what you want
•    revel in the company of other open-minded sex-positive people
•    have a beautiful, sexy and exhilarating time

This is the last time we’ll run Together and we look forward to seeing you there. Come and get a deep imprint of belonging as you continue on your journey through life. Together now, Together // Forever!

A weekend in sex-positive Narnia, an opportunity to experience what it’s like to be ourselves and belong
— Participant (Dec 2015)
Together exceeded the expectations of my wildest hopes, dreams and fantasies
— Karl (Dec 2015)

At Together // Forever we guide you into a deep experience of Magical Space. Magical Space is that extraordinary place where time slows down, each moment feels rich with possibilities and exquisite synchronicities happen. 

Together is a magical place that allows everyone’s authentic self to shine through and be witnessed and nurtured
— Ash (Dec 2015)
Together is a space where a person can explore any parts of themselves that they normally keep put away. You are safe here!
— Participant (Dec 2016)

To take you there, we work with the Nine Pillars of Magical Space:

  • Getting in touch with your boundaries
  • Feeling your desires
  • Communicating bravely and clearly
  • Taking self-responsibility
  • Sharing vulnerability
  • Coming into presence and cultivating awareness
  • Daring to be juicy
  • Recognising uniqueness and celebrating difference
  • Stepping into the unknown

Over the years we’ve developed a kind of technology around this: gently steering the event to welcome what’s missing. We build the event as we go along, responding authentically and dynamically to what’s happening in the group.

I love the way the facilitator change the experience to suit the participants … making it up as we go along truly is the best way, it makes the time feel very personal.
— Amanda (Dec 2016)

To allow us to do this we follow a simple and effective structure:
•    Day 1 - structured exercises and guided rituals
•    Day 2 - more exercises and rituals + social time
•    Day 3 - sharing circles + an all-day play party

Working with these principles and this structure we take you deep into Magical Space, so the play party at the end is more intimate, more erotic and more profound than anything you’ve experienced before.

Together // Forever is a groundbreaking event that combines the safety of a workshop with the freedom of a play party. Join us for one last time to celebrate all that you are and your place in the extraordinary Sacred Pleasures community.

Together was a unique chance to experience what happens when we come Together in community and have permission to speak our truth, knowing that we’ll be heard ... a wonderful chance to meet others and yourself with fresh eyes
— Bayari (Dec 2016)

Who leads this event?


Together // Forever is led by Gayatri & Newman, two of the core Sacred Pleasures team.

Since 2014 we have collaborated regularly to create dynamic spaces where you can open up and discover more of who you are. We're excited to welcome you to the last Together this October.

See Gayatri & Newman's ratings here.


Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie)

Who is Together // Forever for?

Together // Forever is a Level 2 (Intermediate) event and is aimed at those with some experience working with conscious sexuality, BDSM or personal growth. You've probably attended workshops with Sacred Pleasures or elsewhere, or explored your sexuality in another way.

Together // Forever is not suitable for people who are brand-new in all these areas. If you're a newbie and want a suitable event to attend, please check out Power, Surrender & Play in September or Take The Reins in December.

Together // Forever is open to people of any gender and orientation. If you come on your own you're invited to work with different people throughout the weekend. If you come with a lover or partner you're invited to work with your partner as much as you want - and if you wish sometimes to work separately, that's also welcomed.

If you're a poly group (eg 3 or more lovers or partners) we'll be delighted for you to work together throughout or to mix it up sometimes like the pairs. As some of the structures are designed for twos, we'll adapt them a bit to ensure you are fully included. So please email us after you book to let us know you're attending as a poly group.

If you're not sure whether Together // Forever is for you, please email us (together @ sacredpleasures . co . uk) and we'll be happy to chat with you about it.

Pricing and practical info

Workshop dates & times
Together // Forever is a three-day immersion, please commit to attending it from start to finish.

Friday 27th October, 12 noon - 7pm
Saturday 28th October, 10am - 7pm
Sunday 29th October, 10am - 7pm

Together // Forever takes place at a beautiful studio in Stoke Newington, North-East London (N16).

Regular £280
Concession £220
Supportive £340

Concessions are offered to those who earn considerably less and cannot afford the regular rate. Please be honest and only take a concession if you need to.

The supportive rate is for those who can afford it. It enables us to offer more concessionary places and is a great way to demonstrate generosity.

We reserve a small number of places on a Pay What You Can basis. This is for those whose circumstances would otherwise prohibit them from attending this event. If you would like to attend on this basis please email together [at] sacredpleasures [dot] co [dot] uk.


A few words about gender

At our workshops we aim to have a good balance of people across the gender spectrum. This includes those who are gender-queer, gender-fluid, trans or otherwise gender-identified.

The exercises and activities we invite you to participate in are never gendered and we don’t emphasize or reinforce ideas on how men, women or others are supposed to behave. Instead we create a space where you can discover what you want and how you want to express it according to your desires and preferences.

We ask all participants to bring awareness about their assumptions concerning gender and sexual orientation.

One assumption we sometimes meet in workshops is this: as a straight male participant, you’ll always partner with a female participant and you have the right to express consternation if that doesn’t happen. We do not support this assumption and we never guarantee the gender of the person you’ll be working with in any exercise.

That said, we encourage you to take care of your boundaries at all times if you find yourself paired with someone you’re not normally intimate with or aren’t attracted to. At the same time we encourage you to let yourself be surprised by the intimacy and connection that’s possible when you drop certain assumptions.

In brief: please come with an open mind, don’t assume anything and stay within your boundaries.



We must keep meeting like this