I want to thank you for the way in which your beautiful work has enriched my life and my deeper sense of self. I am beginning something new and ecstatic with someone and the techniques you imbued in me of holding and holding space for the other have been super present. Thank you for teaching me how to magnify the forces of human connection, trust, and deep profound care. I thought i was coming to you to learn safe play techniques, but actually you have helped me to live and love more deeply. You reminded me how to love and be truly present.
— Michael

Sacred Pleasures is a sex-positive learning community based in London, a diverse group of people expanding our horizons through our sexuality. In workshops we explore new forms of connection and intimacy, as well as new ways of being with ourselves. Over time we've become a community, a unique ensemble of seekers looking to live and love differently.

Our work focusses on a few key themes:

  • becoming a truer version of ourselves and showing more of ourselves
  • expanding our sexual and emotional potential
  • exploring our kinky sexuality
  • discovering new relationship structures, including polyamory
  • finding more authentic ways to relate through presence and shared vulnerability
  • befriending our shadow and our blind spots 
  • belonging in sex-positive community

In the end the whole journey leads us to one important place: learning to live more in tune with our untamed spirit. As such we offer nothing less than total transformation, from your narrow conditioned self to something much wilder and freer.


How does it all work?

At the heart of our work are our workshops and retreats. These events last between one and ten days and offer you a space where you can safely explore yourself and others. 

Our experienced team of facilitators create safe(r) spaces where you can begin to take off the armour required by daily life and let your guard down. This is important because it is only through becoming undefended that we can truly connect with others, heart to heart. This process of gently and safely dismantling your defences is an important part of the work. 

No-one ever has to do anything they don't want to do at our workshops. At every step you are free to define your boundaries and decide how much or how deeply to participate. Being true to your own needs and desires is critical to the success of the work. It's a process that requires courage, commitment and awareness. Learning your way round this is a big part of the work.

If this all sounds terribly serious and a bit scary, don't worry: coming to our workshops is a tremendous amount of fun! These are places where you can try out some stuff you've been thinking about for a long time, including kinky play and pleasure that involves more than two people. Our approach is 'pleasure first' - so while there'll certainly be some deep healing and transformation along the way, we always encourage you to focus on what feels good. 


Where do I start?

At this point you may be thinking that this sounds both exciting and scary. If so, that's great - it means you're sitting right on the edge of your comfort zone, which is a great place to be. Welcome to our world!

There are a few different ways you can start your journey with us:

  • Attend a workshop - by far the best way to get started is to come to a workshop with us. Our safe(r) spaces give you a good taste of what's possible when you start to open up to yourself and others. Although it can seem intimidating to step into a space like this, we make the experience as safe as possible to ensure you open up at the pace that's right for you. Find out what's coming up here.
  • Come to a social - sometimes it's nice to see what you're getting into before you dive in. Our socials are a perfect place to meet people from our community in a relaxed setting and find out a bit more about what we offer and how it feels to participate. Socials typically include a mix of people who've attended before and those who haven't, so they're a great starting-point. Find out about our socials here.
  • Have a session - for some people, the best place to start is with a one-to-one session with our of our practitioners. Between us we offer a wide range of possibilities, from coaching through Tantra to kink. We have a vast amount of experience and can guide you as to what'll best support you to step into the work with us. Find out about sessions here.

So get in touch today and join our beautiful sex-positive community.

At Sacred Pleasures I feel held and safe, prerequisites for me to take the risks which enable me to grow my comfort zone by playing in the stretch zone. I love the genuinely accepting, non-judgmental, loving ethos of all SP events – it’s a very precious resource.
— Chris
A wild, loving, nurturing, liberating, sensual, sexual, kinky community to connect deeply and intimately. A place to be at home, to be myself, to challenge our perceptions and grow in the process. A place to emerge, to shine, to ask for and learn how to receive, or not, and to support others to shine too, in whatever colours they desire.
— Becky
The existence of Sacred Pleasures in itself is wonderful and necessary. It has brought great joy to my life and allowed my glimpses of the way I hope I may one day be able to live my life: present, in touch with my desires, and in community. I can’t thank you enough!
— Participant