Workshop Levels

Our programme of workshops are at the heart of our offering. We offer three levels of workshop based on your experience. Here's a little about how the levels work.

Level One

Level One is the entry level, suitable for beginners to conscious sexuality work. They’re experiential intro courses where you can explore yourself, discover what you want and see how you relate to others. We place a big emphasis on setting boundaries in these classes: you only ever go as far as you’re comfortable and you choose when you want to push your limits to try something new.

Level Two

Level Two is the intermediate level, ideal for people who’ve had a taste and want to go further. Still safely-held and remaining conscious of your boundaries, we invite you to take a deeper look at what brings you pleasure and what stops you from receiving it, and teach you how to open up to more.

Level Three

Level Three is the advanced level, great for people who’ve explored quite a bit and want a deep dive. At these retreats and intensives we bring everything together, leaving no stone unturned on the journey to empowerment and profound self-knowledge. Level Three workshops help you to transform anything that’s holding you back from realising your potential as a human being.